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  • aufrom : The user name to start enumerating from
  • auto : The user name to stop enumerating at
  • auprefix : Search for all users that begin with this value
  • audir : Direction to sort in. One value: ascending, descending. Default: ascending
  • augroup : Limit users to given group name(s). Possible values: bot, sysop, bureaucrat (+ any other group that is defined on the wiki). This is different for every wiki; see the API help or action=paraminfo for a list of possible values
  • auexcludegroup : Exclude users in given group name(s). Can not be used together with 'group'.
  • aurights : Limit users to given right(s)
  • auprop : What pieces of information to include.
    • blockinfo : Adds the information about a current block on the user
    • groups : Lists groups that the user is in. This uses more server resources and may return fewer results than the limit
    • implicitgroups: Lists all the groups the user is automatically in
    • rights : Lists rights that the user has
    • editcount : Adds the edit count of the user
    • registration : Adds the timestamp of when the user registered if available (may be blank) 1.12+
  • aulimit : How many total user names to return. No more than 500 (5000 for bots) allowed. (Default: 10)
  • auwitheditsonly: Only list users who have made edits
  • auactiveusers : Only list users active in the last 30 days(s)


Show a list of usernames starting with Y (or whichever sorts first after that)

Show a list of first 5 sysops

Error CodesEdit

Code Info
augroup-excludegroup group and excludegroup cannot be used together


This api call is case sensitive, so aufrom=YA doesn't have the same results as aufrom=Ya.