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Pedido GET para obter informação que não está associada com as páginas (metadados).

Documentação da API

Metadata may include site information, information about the currently logged-in user and contents of interface messages, among others.

To make a meta query, add meta as a parameter to your request, with its value being the submodule to fetch the information you need, i.e action=query&meta=submodule.

To fetch information from several submodules in one request, use pipe-separated values like so: action=query&meta=submodule1|submodule2

See individual meta submodules below for examples on how to use meta:

Notas adicionais

  • In addition to meta submodules on MediaWiki core, there are also submodules from extensions that may help get more metadata.

For a list which includes these submodules, see Special:ApiHelp/query.

  • Meta submodules cannot be used as a generator.

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