API:Відповідність полів бази даних і властивостей API

This page is a translated version of the page API:Database field and API property associations and the translation is 20% complete.
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У цій таблиці показано деякі способи зв'язування таблиць logging , page , recentchanges , revision і text між собою, а також як властивості частин API recentchanges і revisions пов’язані із ними.

Sometimes there is not an exact match between items on the same row of this table, but they are related in some way. E.g., the "anon" property provides useful information about the user who took an action. It is put in the same row as rc_user because there was no closer match (except perhaps the user property); the recentchanges part of the API does not return a user id . Fields marked in sky blue are obsolete. Fields marked in pink are those that appear to be inaccessible via API. Fields marked in yellow are those that are an inexact match.

Database tables Properties retrieved via the API
logging page recentchanges revision text list=logevents list=recentchanges prop=revisions
log_id rc_logid logid logid
log_type rc_log_type type logtype
log_action rc_log_action action logaction
log_timestamp rc_timestamp rev_timestamp timestamp timestamp timestamp
log_user rc_user rev_user userid anon userid
log_text rc_user_text rev_user_text user user user
log_namespace page_namespace rc_namespace ns ns
log_title page_title rc_title title title
log_page page_id rc_cur_id rev_page pageid pageid
log_comment rc_comment rev_comment comment comment comment
log_params rc_params
log_deleted rc_deleted rev_deleted
page_is_redirect redirect
page_is_new rc_new new
page_latest rc_this_oldid rev_id revid revid
rc_id rcid
rc_minor rev_minor_edit minor minor
rc_bot bot
rc_last_oldid rev_parent_id revoldid parentid
rc_type type
rc_patrolled patrolled
rc_ip user
rc_old_len oldlen
page_len rc_new_len rev_len newlen size
rev_text_id old_id
rev_sha1 sha1
page.page_content_model revision.rev_content_model contentmodel
old_text content
tags tags tags
logging page recentchanges revision text list=logevents list=recentchanges prop=revisions