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This page captures user feedback, primarily from users reviews on Google Play and emails to mobile-feedback-l. There are also comments from social media including Facebook and Twitter.


A. G. - June 19, 2012 - HTC Desire Promising but needs polished


  • the main page has a clumsy looking [edit] ; [refresh] link in the template which might be worth suppressing.
  • a lot of empty space under the word of the day box - perhaps a link to a random entry, or something noting that it covers English and non-English words as well?
  • On individual word pages - firstly, indenting is a bit of a mess. After three levels of indent, the text is squashed to just half of the screen, making even a short quote quite hard to read and leaving a lot of unpleasant whitespace. As all example quotes have this sort of indenting, it's very apparent... (This is also a problem on the Wikipedia app, to be fair - but there, it usually only manifests on discussion pages, which most users won't read through the app.)
  • Secondly, the audio links don't really work well - they take you to a file description page, which is pretty clunky. An embed here would be amazingly good.

On the whole, the failings are mainly stylistic - as a tool, it's pretty useful. Some polishing and better handling of audio, and it'd be excellent.


E. S. - June 20

  • Best dictionary ever on android mobile phones in terms of languages available and all words are availabla I am using it for Latin, Spanish and Italian
  • Some bugs need to be fixed such as the font size, the screen does not show up the whole page, and I cannot zoom out to view the rest of the page

H.G. - June 19

  • Is it possible that your team customize the renderer for a certain Wiktionary? In contrast to the Wapedia App, The translation box of the german Wiktionary is not nice to read.

Mobile view switchoverEdit

From https://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionnaire:Wikidémie/juin_2012#Mobile_view_as_default_view_coming_soon GaAs is absolutely right. By cons, on Wikipedia, I came to regret not being able to edit the page from my phone (to correct a typo) and it could be the case on Wiktionary too. Perhaps a special button (at the bottom of the page) to send a comment on a DDA (Wikidémie?) Automatically with a specific reference to the selected passage could serve as pseudo-contribution? Finally, it's just a wild idea, but I think it can be done. - Eiku (d) June 20, 2012 at 16:52 NBL?