Wikivoyage migration/Extensions

Wikivoyage Specific Extensions

Priority Extension Git Repo Architecture/Perf Review Security Review Install in Labs? Test with 1.21 Deploy to Production
High MapSources done done OK
High GeoCrumbs done done
High Calendar done done OK
High CustomData done done OK
High GeoMath done Code moved into MapSources N/A
High Insider done done OK
High Listings done done OK
High RelatedArticles done done OK
High RelatedSites done done OK Cf. bug 708, Wikibase
High TocTree done done OK
High CreditsSource done done OK
High OpenStreetMapSlippyMap done needs major overhaul, security update, i18n, etc. (Import version from SVN instead?) - Custom map support has been added to MapSources as temporary fix N/A, using MapSources
High (new) UserMerge existing
Medium / TBD SearchExtraNS
Medium WikivoyageMessages
TBD MetaDescription
Not Necessary AsItIsIn
Not Necessary Credits
Not Necessary GoogleTranslate
Not Necessary InfoMailer
Not Necessary LdbBreadCrums
Not Necessary LdbGeoCoord
Not Necessary LdbIwLinks
Not Necessary SocialBookMark
Not Necessary StatGraphs
Not Necessary TravelTopics
Not Necessary VoteCheck
Not Necessary XnsRedirects

Task Assignments

  • Create git repos - Sam
  • Architecture Reviews
    • Mlitn: MapSources, GeoCrumbs, Calendar, CustomData, GeoMath, Insider, RelatedArticles, RelatedSites, TocTree, CreditsSource
  • Security Reviews - Chris
  • Install in Labs?
  • Test with 1.21
  • Deploy to Production