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Wikipedia Zero/imported/Retrospective-January-2014

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  • Released a wide array of features and enhancements. [SEE TRELLO AND GERRIT]
  • Added interstitials and UI chrome suppression
  • Started redirecting ineligible access attempts against subdomains to a unified warning page
  • Added support for partner self-management of configuration for JSON-oriented users
  • Progress on IP address zero-rating lists
  • Progress on Wikipedia Zero support for all Wikimedia projects.
  • Proxy analysis
  • launched Banglalink Bangladesh
  • launched Wikipedia Zero and USSD/SMS pilot with Airtel in Kenya
  • Began drafting portal requirements and user stories
  • USSD Analytics reports from Praekelt data
  • Footer text / multiple hyperlinks bug fixed
  • Automation tests (enhancements)
  • Helped analytics with web log anomalies
  • Varnish dynamically loads IP->X-CS mapping file
  • ESI restructuring
  • Met with Beeline (RU), presented at Armenia & Russian Wiki Conf
  • Vagrant improvements (helping Ori)


  • Monitored the rollout of Wikipedia Zero via text (USSD/SMS) in partnership with Airtel Kenya and Praekelt for the first pilot of the program.
  • Yuri promoted the program abroad.
  • The team also prepared code and configuration for approval,
  • Finalized IP addresses for zero-rating
  • Deployed bugfixes for the Wikipedia app for Firefox OS.
  • Added support for simpler JSON in configuration files,
  • Enhanced performance and redirect features
  • Constrained ZeroRatedMobileAccess extension loading to guard against repeats of last month's configuration bug.
  • Proxy handling code
  • Launched Tcell Tajikistan
  • Launched Beeline Kazakhstan
  • Opera - conditional display of banner
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • JS on-the-fly interstituat rewrite, don't bug me again
  • Landing page & dynamic redirects
  • Bugello integration


  • Implemented a global landing page redirector for mobile Wikipedia website access
  • Added support for staged configuration submittals,
  • Enhanced interstitials based on input from the field from Wikipedia Zero markets,
  • Proxy handling release
  • Analyzed USSD/SMS service and partner launch-related access
  • General bugfixes.
  • Started on an HTML5 webapp proof of concept as an option for rebooting the Firefox OS app.
  • Launched Grameenphone Bangladesh with IP address zero-rating
  • Added optional carrier (community?) specified text on top of landing page
  • Progress on generic JSON configuration extension for use by extension like ZeroRatedMobileAcces
  • JSON Config extension abstracted out
  • Abstracted JSON Config into a separate extension, usable by - migrating soon
  • Lead outreach for women student with codeacademy API course
  • Zero rating of Wikipedia App begins



  • Lots of back and forth messaging with upstream clients
  • ++Messy logs from Praekelt (Dan)
  • +Need to refine tests & alarming for automation testing
  • ++Analytics anomalies/blockers (Carolynne)
  • +++Ops blockers (ESI) (Adam)
  • Travel
  • Engaging with Mobile Web & Design


  • Nudging and pushing our partners to move faster
  • Bugs coming up in priority
  • +Improved ops coordination
  • +Mobile web team taking a greater interest in Zero


  • Found security bugs
  • First partner with ip address zero-rating
  • Still takes a while to launch a partner
  • Partners went dark during the holidays
  • Didn't get enough done on the Zero pipeline due to pet projects


  • What are the connections, patterns, and shifts?
  • Prioritize the negative bits over the quarter

Sample average page size for zero / non-zero pages . JavaScript: The latter change caused a 30-minute outage of JavaScript and CSS assets on Wikidata.