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What Went WellEdit

  • Heated discussions with Ops
  • Portal server setup post-unblock
  • Android reboot zero-aware -- messaging, UX doc
  • iOS reboot zero-aware
  • Firefox OS zero-aware
  • Agile coaching session
  • Scoping MVP and estimating first portal sprint
  • MWC partner meetings
  • Moving into Prod/Eng
  • Kicking off account reviews and IP migration with partners
  • Solved the MTN IP issue in time to launch
  • Then solved the Ops problem we created by solving the MTN IP issue
  • Gelled our strategy and focus
  • Lots of statistics

Went PoorlyEdit

  • cross-team collaboration, inability to estimate blockers
  • Not enough statistics
  • A poor handoff on per-operator dashboard visibility
  • Lack of available Wiki had impact on Agile process; affected all priorities
  • Closing of first SMS pilot with Airtel Kenya
  • Upset Erik and Ops with our solution for MTN IP address issue

Confuses UsEdit

  • Is the Zero Engineering team Agile?
  • Image size reduction
  • What is the Engineering teams velocity?
  • Do we need another engineer?
  • Preload priority
  • FFOS preload and market share
  • Process is in transition and less clear than prior to Agile launch
  • Are the Mobile Web/App (Kenan) & Zero (Dan) syncups helpful and visible?
  • Exact timing on partner reviews (calendar? can we get big players first?)
    • For WAP gateway domain name patterns, support of, other desktop domains, sister projects
  • Analytics in apps, tracking pageviews, esp. preloads
  • Want to get to know Erik more -
  • Third party UX for portal
our solution/proposal to Erik about SMS

Action itemsEdit

  • Carolynne -- invite Erik to a lunch or dinner with the team
  • Dan -- Compare notes with FB on IP whitelisting/partner pushback? Low priority for now
  • Dan - Analytics - make knowledge out of data
  • Dan - Set Image-quality RFC closing/resolution meeting date
  • Carolynne - Ask Oliver if he can measure market share (pageviews) of FFOS? Do it ourselves?
  • Dan - Aircel - what phones connected to WAP gateway, help make decision on support
  • Carolynne - Third floor move - questions, party
  • Carolynne - Resolve Noble contract and hiring
  • Carolynne - Schedule the next retrospective