Wikimedia Technology/Annual Plans/MTP Priority OKR: Platform Excellence: Global equitable system performance

Platform Excellence: Global equitable system performance


FY21/22 MTP Priority OKR for Wikimedia Technology Department

Accountable: Corey Floyd

OKR Overview


People in emerging communities have the same level performance for their contribution workflows as those in established communities.

Key Result 1
Develop a strategy for improving performance for contributors globally, specifically addressing caching and content composition for logged in users.

  • Metric: 3 projects planned and resourced to realize the strategy after it is developed.

Key Result 2
Complete 3 performance projects which decrease the time it takes to complete existing contribution workflows within emerging markets.

  • Metric: number of projects which result in decreasing the Largest Contentful Paint (an industry metric for perceived load speed) by at least 5% within a laboratory regional test.

Key Result 3
Increase the number of product decisions made by using performance data gathered from testing against standard emerging community performance personas.

  • Metric: 3 product decisions made using performance data gathered by testing of a performance persona.