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July 2014 edit

July 16, 2014 Video: Commons YouTube

Halfak's wiki research libraries (v0.0.1)
By Aaron Halfaker: Along with quantitative research comes data and analysis code. In this presentation, Aaron will introduce you to 4 python libraries that capture code he uses on a regular basis to get his wiki research done. MediaWiki Utilities is a general data processing library that includes connectors for the API and MySQL databases as well as an XML dump parser and revert detection. Wiki-Class is a machine learning library that is designed to train, test and deploy automatic quality assessment class detection for Wikipedia articles. MediaWiki-OAuth provides a simple interface for performing an OAuth handshake with a MediaWiki installation (e.g. Wikipedia). Deltas is an experimental text difference detection library that implements cutting-edge research to track changes to Wikipedia articles and attribute authorship of content.

Using Open Data and Stories to Broaden Crowd Content
By Nathan Matias: Nathan will share a series of research on gender diversity online and designs for collaborative content creation that foster learning and community. He will also demo a prototype for a system that could leverage open data to attract and support new Wikipedia contributors.