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Vacations/Important datesEdit
How to do it
  • June 24 - Željko, vacation
  • June 25 - Željko, Statehood Day
  • July 2 - Greg's birthday, unsure if taking off, already have one meeting
  • July 4 (US Independence Day) - US Staff
  • July 5 - thcipriani vacation
  • July 5 - Lars off (swapping with weekend)
  • July 10 - Lars off (swapping with weekend)
  • July 22 - August 9 - Željko vacation
  • August 7–19 - James off (inc. Wikimania)
  • August 12 - September 8 - Dan leave
  • August 12 (Glorious Twelfth) - US Staff
  • August ??? - ??? - Antoine
  • August 14–18 - Wikimania
    • Attending: James, Lars, Jean-Rene
  • August 15 - Željko, Assumption of Mary
  • August 25 - September 4 - Brennen vacation
  • September 2 (Labor Day) - US Staff
  • October 14 (Indigenous Peoples' Day) - US Staff
  • November 11 (Veterans' Day) - US Staff
  • November 28–29 (Thanksgiving) - US Staff
  • December 6 - Lars, Finnish Independence Day
  • December 25–31 (Christmas) - US Staff
  • December 25–26 - Lars, Christmas
  • 2020 January 1 (New Year's Day) - US Staff, Lars

Rotating positionsEdit


Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:
  • June 10 - wmf.9 - No Train (SRE Summit)
  • June 17 - wmf.10 - Mukunda (but Juneteenth on the Wednesday? Yes. Do group0 and group1 an hour apart on Tuesday)
  • June 24 - wmf.11 - Jeena (with Mukunda)
  • July 1 - wmf.12 - No train (Fourth of July)
  • July 8 - wmf.13 - Jeena
  • July 15 - wmf.14 - Lars (with Antoine)
  • July 22 - wmf.15 - Lars
  • July 29 - wmf.16 - Brennen (with Tyler)
  • Aug 5 - wmf.17 - Brennen
  • Aug 12 - wmf.18 - No Train (Wikimania)
  • Aug 19 - wmf.19 - Zeljko 😱
  • Aug 26 - wmf.20 - Zeljko 😭


  • Zeljko 4eva! :)

Team BusinessEdit

Timespent spreadsheetEdit

For the avoidance of doubt: fill out the sheet week number for the previous week

Book clubEdit

Fall Offsite + TechConf19Edit

  • Decided: 1 long trip, offsite after TechConf
    • dates? 2019-11-1{6,7}--2019-11-21..ish

Annual PlanningEdit

Changes to the meetingEdit

  • Turn into more of a real stand-up (see new section: What I did last week) so that we can answer most of the other questions (e.g. what is the team blocked on?) from those individual updates.
  • Might also move this meeting to not be on Monday, e.g. Thursday/Friday so the accuracy of "what I did this week" will be much higher.
  • Annual plan/etc. discussions will move into one-off meetings rather than crashing the stand-up.
  • Engineering Productivity won't meet as a whole each week. Sub-team meetings will continue (for RelEng and Performance) and be set up (for Q&T) :-) Annual planning managed by managers.
  • SoS managed somehow?

Monthly reflection on accomplishments - May '19 editionEdit
Add as you have them!

Incoming/Needs attentionEdit

  • REL1_33 branching for extensions:
    • Reedy said he'll move forward with rc0 announcement soon.
    • Mukunda tried to run the script but it ran into trouble. Will re-try, manually.
    • Switching on HTTP Auth again still seems blocked. Barricade should help with this; review when Tyler gets back.
    • Update 2019-06-03: Fighting fires last; should be able to do this week.
    • Update 2019-06-10: Done with a quick hack by Reedy; do we need to fix the script for next time?
      • http auth patches merged in upstream, next week is the earliest it'll be released
    • Update 2019-06-17: Gerrit 2.15.14 is out, need to build and release, hopefully this week

Scrum of ScrumsEdit

Incoming from last weekEdit

Outgoing this week (wrong section heading level is on purpose for copy/pasting into Scrum of Scrums etherpadEdit

Release EngineeringEdit


Train status and happeningsEdit
  • New filtered fatal monitor dashboard including markers for scap deployments:
  • Need to fix scap clean :\
    • thcipriani has a crappy fix in mind until http tokens in gerrit are back
      • Any idea when HTTP tokens will come back? Weeks? Months? Never? :-(
      • ~Weeks
    • 2019-05-06: cleaned up stuff last week on deploy hosts, just not the gerrit branches
    • 2019-05-13: …
    • 2019-06-03: upstream issues/patches we want resolved before doing this
    • 2019-06-10: upstream cutting new version with security fixes (hopefully) end of week, ETA early next week
    • 2019-06-17: gerrit 2.15.14 is out, need to build and release, hopefully this week
    • 2019-06-24: gerrit upgrade 19:00 UTC today, announce going out after

Quarterly Goals for Q4Edit

TEC1 (Maint): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1Edit

GOAL: Undeploy the CodeReview extension.
WHO: James, need help from CPT
  • James will ping CPT about this this week (April 8th)
    • … and again w/c 15 April.
    • … and again w/c 6 May (in SoS).
    • … and again w/c 27 May (in SoS).
    • [Recurring item]

TEC1 (Maint): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1Edit

GOAL: Setup 1-3 of the CI WG options (Zuul v3, Argo, GitLab)
WHO: Lars
  • Gitlab:
    • is up and accepts registrations with (and email addresses
    • Please play with it and tell Lars anything that seems iffy

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 1 / Output 1.2Edit

GOAL: Instrument Quibble for data collection
WHO: Mukunda, Antoine
  • Blocked

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 1 / Output 1.2Edit

GOAL: Create a graph where time is spent and make a prioritized list for improvements.
WHO: Mukunda, Antoine
  • Blocked

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 1 / Output 1.2Edit

GOAL: Prepare the Deployment Pipeline for changes to our CI tooling.
WHO: ???, ???
  • Blocked by not having new CI tooling yet

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 3 / Output 3.1Edit

GOAL: Create a .pipeline/config.yaml standard to give users more control over how their tests are run in the pipeline and allow the easy saving of artifacts at pipeline completion. (RelEng)
WHO: Dan, Tyler, ???


TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 3 / Output 3.1Edit

Adopt more services into Deployment pipeline - task T212801
Wikidata Termbox SSR, Kask for Session Storage Service, cpjobqueue (stretch), ORES (stretch)
WHO: Dan, Tyler, Lars

There are tasks:

  • Wikidata Termbox SSR
    •   Done
  • Kask for Session Storage Service
    •   Done
  • cpjobqueue (stretch)
    •  N Not done -> later

TEC12 (DevProd): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1Edit

GOAL: Provide an "Official" Docker base image for local development of MediaWiki based on the production tooling.
WHO: Jeena, Brennen
  • Done for MediaWiki, for some values of "done" and "MediaWiki". Production-likeness needs considerable work.

TEC13 (Code Health): Outcome 1 / Output 3Edit

GOALs: Presentation/session(s) at the Wikimedia Hackathon on the current state of Code Health projects (technical debt and code stewardship)


TEC13 (Code Health): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1Edit

Publish a re-imagination of the Review Queue process.
Develop and implement metrics around task and code-review responsiveness
WHO: Greg, JR (and Andre)
  • Review Queue
    • Blocked on Greg time
  • Task and code-review responsiveness metrics
    • No progress

= TEC13 (Code Health): Outcome 4 / Output 4.2Edit

Expand SonarQube reporting into CI infrastructure
Perform SonarQube analysis on all extensions
Engage user communities in direct feedback solicitation
WHO: JR, Zeljko, Code Health Metrics

Other non-goal workEdit

Release MW 1.33Edit

  • Handed off to Reedy along with security releases.



  • 2.15.14 deploy



QA/Code HealthEdit





  • What I did last week
    • trigger agent stuff merged
    • Discussion about local dev interface, starting messing with golang
    • Merged docker-installation removal
    • Read about dependency resolution
    • Tested some minor local-charts changes
    • Paired on pipeline validation with Tyler, began getting head around pipelinelib
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Turn pipeline stage steps into objects with run()/validate() methods
    • Discussion with tech writer?
    • Prepare something useful for Docker SIG on Thursday / advertise its continued existence
    • Read chapter 12
    • Take better notes
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • Security council meeting kickoff
    • Met new Test Engineer for Language
    • CTO candidate Meet and Greet (more this week)
    • EngProd management thinking/planning
    • TechConf19 PC nominations
    • Phabricator workboard skeleton creation for the future
  • What I plan to do this week
    • CTO candidate meet and greets
    • DockerSIG
    • Internal Comms discussion
    • EngProd management planning
    • Phabricator workboard massaging/triaging with the new skeleton/framework
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • got Code Review WG kickoff setup
    • continued reviews of Code Stewardship requests.
      • started drafting up statement re: Code Stewardship of Betacuster (after chat with Tyler)
    • CTO Cadidates M/G
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Quality and Test Engineering team planning/kickoff
    • more Code Stewardship work
    • Extending Code Health pipeline to 3 extensions (MobileFrontend, Minerva, and Popups)
    • CTO Cadidates M/G
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • Read book
    • bug fix for local-charts
    • deployment-charts migration work/discussion
    • meet and greet thing
    • Some other stuff I can't remember
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Train train
    • choo choo
    • meet and greet
    • Learn about beta environment?
  • What I'm blocked on
    • Waiting for someone in SRE to take a look at my deployment-charts work
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • Worked on v2 of CI arch doc, incorporating a lot of feedback
    • Arranged travel for Wikimania
    • Read annual plan parts relevant for RelEng and updated my goals for Q1
    • Reviewed new Acceptable Use Policy, made sure my personal devices have no access, excepto calendar and IRC
    • Participated in a meet & greet with CTO candidate Scott Noteboom
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Finish reading ch 13, attend book club
    • Finish v2 of CI arch doc
    • Plan (and document) CI arch implementation around GitLab
    • Attend meet & greets with the two other CTO candidates
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?
    • I like the what-I-did-last-week part



  • What I did last week
    • Planned
      • Prep Gerrit 2.15.14 release,  N Not done deploy Gerrit 2.15.14
      •  N Not done Remove barricade v2 lucene dependency (with dcausse)
      •  N Not done Finish Blubberoid policy file work
      • get up-to-date on the lib/extension dependency work -- meeting didn't happen, but I know the background, I think
    • Other work
      • Started work on .pipeline/config.yaml validation -- crammed things into my brain with brennen
  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
    • scap 3.10.0-1
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


Team Kanban Board Review and TriageEdit

Once / month-ish review of backlog(s)Edit

Kanban statsEdit

Burnup chart