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Vacations/Important dates

How to do it
  • May 13–15: James working from London
  • May 15 (Wednesday) - Željko vacation
  • May 16-20 - Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 (Prague, Czechia)
    • Attending: Greg, JR, Zeljko, James, and Jeena
  • May 17th: Mukunda day off - Concert.
  • May 17th: thcipriani - half day - airport run
  • May 20-31 - Jeena Vacation
  • May 21: James still travelling back to SF
  • May 27 (Memorial Day) - US Staff
  • May 28th-31st - thcipriani - family in town
  • May 30th - Lars, Ascension
  • May 30th-31th - Antoine, Feast of the Ascension
  • June 6-7 - Brennen, Apogaea
  • June 10th - Antoine, Pentecost -- see for Antoine/France Easter holidays
  • June 10-? - Dan leave (4-6 weeks, then additional leave later)
  • June 19 (Juneteenth) - US Staff
  • July 4 (US Independence Day) - US Staff
  • July 22 - August 9 - Željko vacation
  • July 22 - Lars, Midsummer
  • August 7–9 - James off
  • August 12 (Glorious Twelfth) - US Staff
  • August 14–18 - Wikimania
    • Attending: James, ? …
  • August 25 - September 4 - Brennen vacation
  • September 2 (Labor Day) - US Staff
  • October 14 (Indigenous Peoples' Day) - US Staff
  • November 11 (Veterans' Day) - US Staff
  • November 28–29 (Thanksgiving) - US Staff
  • December 6 - Lars, Finnish Independence Day
  • December 25–31 (Christmas) - US Staff
  • December 25-26 - Lars, Christmas
  • 2020 January 1 (New Year's Day) - US Staff, Lars

Rotating positions



Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:
  • Apr 29 - wmf.3 - Tyler
  • May 06 - wmf.4 - Tyler
  • May 13 - wmf.5 - Antoine
  • May 20 - wmf.6 - Antoine
  • May 27 - wmf.7 - Zeljko
  • June 03 - wmf.8 - Zeljko
  • June 10 - wmf.9 - Mukunda
  • June 17 - wmf.10 - No Train (Juneteenth)
  • June 24 - wmf.11 - Mukunda
  • July 1 - wmf.12 - No train (Fourth of July)
  • July 8 - wmf.13 - Tyler
  • July 15 - wmf.14 - Tyler
  • July 22 - wmf.15 - Antoine
  • July 29 - wmf.16 - Antoine
  • Aug 5 - wmf.17 - one of Mukunda/Antoine/Tyler (Antoine and Zeljko on vacation)
  • Aug 12 - wmf.18 - Zeljko (during Wikimania)
  • Aug 19 - wmf.19 - Zeljko (after Wikimania)
  • Zeljko 4eva! :)

Team Business


Timespent spreadsheet

For the avoidance of doubt: fill out the sheet week number for the previous week

Book club


Spring Offsite



  • Greg: Email mark re gerrit/phab hosting discussion
    • DONE: scheduled for Wed May 8th.
    • Attending: Mark, mutante, Alex, Joe, Lars, Antoine, Dan, Mukunda, Tyler, Me
    • Not just about gerrit/phab, also "the pipeline transition period and what that means for Beta Cluster" (hence all the people)
  • Greg: email mark about capex request for next year for pipeline
    • I'm actually not sure what this is about/what the ask is, help?!
    • "staging" pipeline?
    • Production access?
  • Mukunda: talk with Timo and Fillipo about our prioritized of feature requests for LMM
    • Note: Gergo confirmed that SRE is going to work on Sentry in Q1/Q2 (from a conversation with Faidon and Filippo)
  • Greg: announce that RelEng is backup only for SWAT (removal of person’s names from getting pinged everytime on IRC) and we’ll start working on automating the train
    • Still need to do Q4 goals...table this “doing” until Q1?
    • Greg will send a signed email if someone writes it up ;)
      • Željko will write the e-mail this week - done

Monthly reflection on accomplishments - May '19 edition

Add as you have them!

Annual Planning


FYI from SRE: "Percentage of services in the Deployment Pipeline having SLOs defined and agreed upon together with their service owner" 50% by end of FY2019/20, 100% in 3-5 years.

Annual Reviews






  • Starting now: You and I discuss who your peer reviewers should be
  • April 26th: Enter your peer reviewers into Namely (please run them by me first)
  • May 17th: Deadline to complete self-reviews, peer reviews, and reviews of your manager.
  • May 20th: I start reviewing the peer reviews and writing my feedback on you.

Non SafeGuard (aka US Employees):

  • June 14th: Deadline for managers to complete all 1:1 meetings with direct reports and provide written feedback in Namely.


  • June 14th - Managers of those employed by Safeguard submit their reviews to HR for submission to Safeguard
  • July 12th - Deadline to have a 1:1 and share final manager review with direct report in Namely

Incoming/Needs attention


Scrum of Scrums


Incoming from last week

    • Language: Add abi to l10n-watchers group in Gerrit (
      • This seems a policy problem. Greg or Tyler? thcipriani: what policy blocks this? Not sure. People seem confused. Maybe it just needs to be made explicit what are the rules.

Outgoing this week (wrong section heading level is on purpose for copy/pasting into Scrum of Scrums etherpad


Release Engineering



  • Release Engineering

Train status and happenings

  • Need to fix scap clean :\
    • thcipriani has a crappy fix in mind until http tokens in gerrit are back
      • Any idea when HTTP tokens will come back? Weeks? Months? Never? :-(
      • ~Weeks
    • 2019-05-06: cleaned up stuff last week on deploy hosts, just not the gerrit branches
    • 2019-05-13: …
  • 1.33 branch cut for extensions is blocked (except tarball ones, which James did manually)
    • 2019-05-06: Mukunda to do it this week
    • Greg: email Cindy re process of this release
    • 2019-05-13: We talked on Thursday. Mukunda will review hexmode's work, Cindy will email Greg with plan of action re timeline.

Quarterly Goals for Q4


TEC1 (Maint): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1

GOAL: Undeploy the CodeReview extension.
WHO: James, need help from CPT
  • James will ping CPT about this this week (April 8th)
    • … and again w/c 15 April.
    • … and again w/c 6 May (in SoS).

TEC1 (Maint): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1

GOAL: Setup 1-3 of the CI WG options (Zuul v3, Argo, GitLab)
  • Focus on a couple noteworthy repos: e.g.,
    • core
    • extensions
    • ops/puppet
  • Maybe setup in serial, i.e., a week per evaluation
  • Questions:
    • RelEng/Extended working group?
      • At least in the WG eval it was good to have non-familiar people
      • But maybe with the setup of options it might be beneficial to have experienced with current setup people.
      • Folks outside the original working group to join-in to setup options; people TBD
    • Do we need a rubric before we do this prototyping? (yes)
      • DONE lars to work on rubric week of 2019-04-01
        • See email 2019-04-08
  • 2019-05-06: Feedback from Android. Working on an arch document. Do in Q1?

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 1 / Output 1.2

GOAL: Instrument Quibble for data collection
WHO: Mukunda, Antoine
  • Still no progress / nowhere to store this data and other tasks taking priority

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 1 / Output 1.2

GOAL: Create a graph where time is spent and make a prioritized list for improvements.
WHO: Mukunda, Antoine

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 1 / Output 1.2

GOAL: Prepare the Deployment Pipeline for changes to our CI tooling.
WHO: ???, ???
  • Blocked by not having new CI tooling yet

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 3 / Output 3.1

GOAL: Create a .pipeline/config.yaml standard to give users more control over how their tests are run in the pipeline and allow the easy saving of artifacts at pipeline completion. (RelEng)
WHO: Dan, Tyler, ???
  • Dan's pipeline work merged
    • Followup to update the pipeline to *use* that new fancy code
  • General problem of shared resources on staging and in helm test stage (ci namespace on staging)
  • What does the annual plan *actually say* for this?

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 3 / Output 3.1

Adopt more services into Deployment pipeline - task T212801
Wikidata Termbox SSR, Kask for Session Storage Service, cpjobqueue (stretch), ORES (stretch)
WHO: Dan, Tyler, Lars

There are tasks:

  • changeprop

  • Wikidata Termbox SSR
  • Kask for Session Storage Service
  • cpjobqueue (stretch)

TEC12 (DevProd): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1

GOAL: Provide an "Official" Docker base image for local development of MediaWiki based on the production tooling.
WHO: Jeena, Brennen

TEC13 (Code Health): Outcome 1 / Outcome 3

GOALs: Presentation/session(s) at the Wikimedia Hackathon on the current state of Code Health projects (technical debt and code stewardship)

Met and discussed Hackathon session with Code Health Metrics WG. Daniel will also be having a related session on Cycle Dependencies.

  • T216630 Present Code Health Metrics at the Hackathon
  • image updated
  • jobs publish
  • need to actually use jobs in zuul, waiting on T222210

TEC13 (Code Health): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1

Publish a re-imagination of the Review Queue process.
Develop and implement metrics around task and code-review responsiveness
WHO: Greg, JR (and Andre)
  • No activity

= TEC13 (Code Health): Outcome 4 / Output 4.2

Expand SonarQube reporting into CI infrastructure
Perform SonarQube analysis on all extensions
Engage user communities in direct feedback solicitation
WHO: JR, Zeljko, Code Health Metrics
  • continued work towards integration SonarQube into CI

Other non-goal work


Release MW 1.33

  • ETA: end of May
  • "just" producing the tarballs, Cindy is on point for what's in/what's out.
  • Can I get a volunteer?
  • Mukunda can build tarballs
  • Greg: email Cindy asking for status
  • See previous discussion above


  • Progress on various Phabricator tickets and/or Gerrit patches




  • Merged and deployed upstream changes
  • Fixed the calendar default view, no more fatal error.
  • Reviewed and deployed several weeks of new translations from translatewiki



QA/Code Health

  • Sent out participation request for Code Review Workgroup, 19 interested respondents so far.
  • Discussions with existing TEs moving over to Q&T Engineering started last week. New team is being received well.






  • What I plan to do this week
    • Train!
    • tox upgrade from 2.9 to 3.10.0
  • What I'm blocked on


  • What I plan to do this week
    • Work on publishing of starter dev images before hackathon
    • Whatever else might be useful to tweaking local-charts prior to showing it a bunch of people
    • Review writing
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?

  • What I plan to do this week
    • Get a pipeline/.config.yaml working for... blubber(oid)?
      • Needs integration/config
      • What to do? Seed job?
    • Reviews
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • Annual Reviews
    • Annual Planning
    • Hackathon
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • CI/npm stuff, as above.
    • More MW static configuration concept work
    • Hackathon
    • Pipeline documentation work with Martyav.
    • Helping more ServiceOps with the HHVM -> PHP72 migration
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • Prep for Hackathon
    • Travel/Hackathon
    • Reviews
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • Finish reviews
    • merge parsoid patch for blubbefile
    • get Xdebug in mediawiki dockerfile
    • Hackathon prep/Hackathon
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • help Antoine with the train group 0
    • write reviews of self, Greg, peers
    • improve CI arch document, reach out for more feedback
    • start looking at what it takes to get one of the CI candidates running
  • What I'm blocked on
    • nada
  • Other?
    • nada


  • What I plan to do this week
    • Write reviews
    • T222638 Talk with Timo and Fillipo about grafana and sentury
    • T222829 merge and make-wmf-branch
    • Try to get some movement on "T200392 release notes automation"
    • Read a book
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • gerrit 2.15.13
    • working on code health stuff
    • pipeline policy file
    • gerrit logging
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?
    • annual review
    • book


  • What I plan to do this week
    • Prepare for Wikimedia hackathon (submit sessions and projects)
    • Attend the hackathon
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?



Team Kanban Board Review and Triage


Once / month-ish review of backlog(s)


Kanban stats

Burnup chart