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Vacations/Important dates

How to do it
  • Nov 10 (Fri) - Veteran's Day
  • November 17 (Friday) Željko - conference (Coderetreat)
  • Nov 20th - Dec 1st: Greg vacation
  • Nov 20th - 22nd: Mukunda vacation
  • Nov 23+24 - Thanksgiving
  • December 25 (Monday): Željko - holiday (Christmas Day)
  • December 26 (Tuesday): Željko - holiday (St Stephen's Day)
  • Dec 25-Jan 1 - End of year/new year holidays
  • January 1 (Monday): Željko - holiday (New Year's Day)

Team Business


Rotating positions and absences


Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:

Oct 23 and Oct 30

  • Train Chad
  • SOS: Mukunda
  • Out
    • Week of Oct 23: Tyler
    • Oct 25: Zeljko
    • Nov 1: Zeljko

Nov 6 and Nov 13

  • Train Chad
  • SOS: Tyler
  • Out
    • Nov 10 (Fri) - Veteran's Day
    • November 17 (Friday) Željko - conference (Coderetreat)

Actions from last meeting


Scrum of Scrums


This week

  • Blocking
  • Blocked
    • Please port your browser tests to the nodejs framework. 7 repositories have not started yet (still in ruby, which is no longer maintained).
  • Updates
    • No MW Train the week of the 20th due to Thanksgiving, SWATs will be open on Mon and Tuesday (Wednesday is “Friday” that week).
    • [TechDebt program] First pass of the service levels for component ownership was shared with the Code Health Group last week; feedback on-going.
    • [TechDebt program] The next blog post should be posted Real Soon Now™ (done on our side).
    • [SSD Program] Working on getting the mathoid tests running on submit.
    • [SSD Program] A new release of Blubber is on the horizon.
    • [scap tech debt] Working to support both pre git-2.11 and post git 2.11 hosts (namely Trusty and Jessie (with backports)/Stretch, respectively) to let us use newer functionality (notably `--jobs`).
    • [CI] Most tox jobs are moved to Docker containers
    • [CI] Investigating why many docker containers are left behind after a SIGTERM

Last week


Puppet SWAT

list of patches you want to submit to puppet swat

Logspam \ Last week's train updates

  • pretty quiet week
  • parameterized a few log spam messages (to glob them together), db and swift errors notably

Other Team Business

  • T179824 pws is unusuable on releng-secrets choking on a key
    • looks like Zeljko's expired key messed up things, will fix

Q2 goal/project check-in

All of it in table form:

Quarterly Goals


Program 1: Outcome 5: Milestone 1: Migrate majority of developers to JavaScript based browser test framework (

Due: End of this quarter
Quarter Goal Task: Port Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js - task T139740
  • T139740 Port Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js
    • +1 (Popups)
  • T179546 Popups Selenium tests daily targeting beta cluster
    • Done with minor CI refactoring, thanks to Antoine for help
  • T179190 Run Cucumber+Selenium+Node.js in CI
    • Talked with Antoine about minor CI refactoring
  • T179188 Video recording for Selenium tests in Node.js
    • researching
  • T167432 Run Wikibase daily browser tests on Jenkins
    • only JJB config left

Program 3: Outcome 1: Objective 1: Define a set of code stewardship levels (from high to low expectations)

Due: End of this quarter
Quatertly Goal task: - task T174090
  • first pass was completed last week and shared with Code Health team
  • Made some updates to the Developers/Maintainers page to reflect the stewardship approach which spured some conversation (and revert).

Program 3: Outcome 1: Objective 2: Identify and find stewards for high-priority/high use code segment orphans

Due: End of next quarter
Quaterly Goal task - task T174091

Program 3: Outcome 2: Objective 1: Define a “Technical Debt Project Manager” role that regularly communicates with all Foundation engineering teams regarding their technical debt

Due: End of this quarter

Program 3: Outcome 2: Objective 2: Define and implement a process to regularly address technical debt across the Foundation

Due: End of next quarter

  • tech debt series blog post 1 completed and ready to post

Program 6: Outcome 2: Objective 2: Set up a continuous integration and deployment pipeline to publish new versions of an application to production via testing and staging environments that reliably reproduce production

Due: End of this quarter
Keyword: SSD
Complete build phase of release pipeline
    • Build test variant
    • Run test entrypoint w/developer feedback - services dependency
    • Build production variant w/developer feedback - services dependency
    • Tag production container
    • Push to production docker registry - ops dependency - staging namespace
current status:

Quaterly non-goal "Work"


Program 1: Outcome 1: Objective 1: Scap (Tech Debt Sprint FY201718-Q2)

   ** Still needs someone to accept the patch:
  • Unbreak scap-vagrant, mostly
  • New scap sayings:
    • S.C.A.P.: scaring children away promptly
    • S.C.A.P.: soilent contents are people
    • S.C.A.P.: say carl and pause
    • S.C.A.P.: stupid captions annotate pictures
    • S.C.A.P.: sh -c awk | perl
      • thcipriani: this is maybe my new favorite :)
      • Mukunda agrees o.O
    • S.C.A.P.: sulphur, carbon, arsenic, phosphorus
    • S.C.A.P.: syntax: conjunction, article, pronoun

Program 1: Outcome 5: Objective 1: Maintain existing shared Continuous Integration infrastructure

Goal: A generalized POC for a docker-based CI. (shipyard workboard)
  • Most tox jobs moved to Docker containers
  • Docker containers are left behind after Jenkins SIGTERM 'docker run'

Program 1: Outcome 6: Milestone 1: Maintain Gerrit


Program 1: Outcome 6: Milestone 2: Maintain Phabricator

  • Mostly Uneventful. Upstream took a week off from stable channel updates.
  • broke, I'll have to work around the issue which is caused by the fact that phab.wmflabs doesn't use oauth or ldap.

Program 1: Outcome 5: Objective 1: MW Nightlies server

  • Um. So on branching....

Other work




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