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Vacations/Important datesEdit
How to do it
  • July 7th: Mukunda - 7s day RX7 event
  • July 10th-14th: Antoine (friend wedding iirc+ Bastille day)
  • 1-2 days around July 24: Željko vacation
  • August 3-9: Željko vacation
  • Some weeks in August: Antoine

Team BusinessEdit

Rotating positions and absencesEdit

Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:

June 19 and June 26Edit

July 3 and July 10Edit

  • Train: Tyler
    • no wmf.8 train week of July 4th (tuesday)
    • wmf.9
  • SoS: Mukunda
  • Out:
    • July 3+4: Greg (Vacation)
    • July 7th: Mukunda
    • July 10th-14th: Antoine (friend wedding iirc+ Bastille day)

Actions from last meetingEdit

Scrum of ScrumsEdit
Blocked on us:

This weekEdit

  • Blocking
  • Blocked
  • Updates

Last weekEdit

  • Blocking
  • Blocked
  • Updates


Other Team BusinessEdit

Q4 goal/project check-inEdit

Streamlined Services DeliveryEdit

Build a runnable image from tested and confirmed code that is suitable for promotion.
define 'tested and confirmed' / determine the entry-point for building a container
generate or consume a docker file for building
build image, upload and tag it in docker registry
can upload to a registery, but not *the* registery due to credential issues, proposal made

Train 2.0Edit

Move MW+Extensions deploys to scap3 - task T114313 (part 3)
Integrate scap with etcd/pybal to automatically depool and repool servers - task T104352
Not done (waiting on code review, should be done shortly after that)
Also let's land using canaries as proxies for proxies -- needs review, D636

Release MediaWiki 1.29Edit

A quality MediaWiki 1.29 is successfully released - task T153271
New issues keep popping up in the release
Board of fun:
ACTION: status update email to wikitech-l

Q1 goal/project check-inEdit

Program 6: Streamlined service deliveryEdit

Define functional tests for Mathoid running on the staging Kubernetes cluster for use in future gating decisions
Define method for monitoring and reacting to the above functional tests

[#streamined-service-delivery same update]

Deprecate use of Trebuchet across production - task T129290Edit
  • Talked about this Monday
    • godog closed...something (we declined T129153?) yeah probably
    • statsv seems like the next thing

Migrate majority of developers to JavaScript based browser test framework (

  • T167502 Refactor webdriverio tests for mediawiki core so users and pages are created via the api
    • waiting for review(s) Create users and pages for Selenium tests using action API
    • Timo suggested using promises, could not make it work
    • Dan helped, still not working, implemented without promises
  • T164721 Run WebdriverIO tests in CI for extensions

Non-Quarterly goal workEdit


Quality improvementsEdit

  • started working on possible improvements to Jenkin's messages to QA-List
  • Technical Debt definition work with Kevin
  • More work in the definition of the Code Health Group formation

Browser tests (non quaterly goal stuff)Edit


  • Not a lot happening in phab land other than fighting the morocan pirates
  • We've blocked some IP ranges
    • MaxSem wrote "Block WP Zero users from accessing Phabricator uploads" -
    • Hopefully this will take away any incentive for uploading crap to phabricator. Time will tell. (when WPZero is your internet, WPZero becomes the internet)
  • Experimenting with due dates in phabricator tasks:


  • Bacula backups starting soon
  • Gonna reattempt Logstash integration
  • Clean up systemd bullshit
  • Scap-based deploys being worked on

Nightlies serverEdit

  • Surprisingly far along, releases1001 is running Jenkins, plus taking over releases.wm.o
  • Next step:
    • Finish moving off bromine [this week]
    • Apache config for jenkins
    • Setup our build jobs :D

Docker for CIEdit

Team Kanban Board Review and TriageEdit

Kanban statsEdit

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