Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20160323



Vacations/Important dates


How to do it:

  • March 24th Thursday - Antoine (sick)
  • March 25th Friday - Tyler + Mukunda
  • March 28th - Antoine && Željko - local holiday (Easter Monday)
  • March 31st - April 3rd : Hackathon in Israel
  • April 1st - Q4 goals published
  • April - Antoine: holidays one of the two first weeks (probably 2nd, April 11-15)
  • April 14-15 - Željko - conference
  • May 6th Friday - Antoine
  • May 9-Mid June-ish?: Greg - paternity leave - exact dates TBD
  • May 16-July 4: Dan - paternity leave :D
  • Late May - draft Q1 (July 1st - Sept 30th) due
  • May 30: US HOLIDAY - Memorial Day
  • June 15-24: Chad - Vegas/EDC
  • June 22nd - 28th : Wikimania in Italy
  • July 1st - Q1 goals published
  • July 1st – Annual Plan, Budget, Risks Document and FAQ are posted
  • August: Antoine - France holiday - because french. :)
  • August 22-September 9: Dan - paternity leave part deux
  • January 2017 : Dev Summit + All Hands (presumably)

Team Business


Rotating positions


Train conductor


Week of ...

  • Mar 14: Mukunda
  • Mar 21: Tyler
  • Mar 28: Tyler
  • Apr 4: Dan
  • Apr 11: Dan

Scrum of Scrums representative


(bad time for EU folks) Dan, Tyler, Chad, Mukunda Week of ...

  • Mar 14: Chad
  • Mar 21: Mukunda
  • Mar 28: Mukunda
  • Apr 4: Tyler
  • Apr 11: Tyler

CI point person

  • ACTION: Antoine to make a list of things not to do
  • AGREED: Antoine to poke channel whenever something bad happens and seek a buddy to pair resolution with

Actions from last meeting


New vs Maint time spent


Scrum of Scrums

Blocked on us:

Other Team Business


Annual Planning


Update: People are turning our stuff into a document that will be shared with the FDC with everyone else's.

Our 3 projects:

Q3 goal/project check-in


Consolidate deploy tools

Migrate MediaWiki to scap3 - task T114313
Q2 Quarterly Goal hold over: Migrate all Service team owned services and MW deploys to scap3 -
  • A few patches left before cutting 3.1 branch
    • including sub-commands maybe? to discuss
    • definitely git-fat support
    • scap restart would be "delightful"
  • citoid migrated!!! :)
    • take one down, pass it around, 99 more to go
  • mathoid is unblocked
  • phabricator is done
  • ORES in-progress (python wheels)
    • Work on that front can be reused for deployment of Zuul (currently .deb packages embedding deps)

Differential Migration

Integrate Differential with our Continuous Integration infrastructure - task T31
Shepherd the RFC - task T119908
Garner early adopter projects (goal: 1 project per WMF "team")

Reduce CI Wait time

  • (~300(!!)) mediawiki/extensions npm job switched to Nodepool instances on Tuesday \O/
  • concern: NodeJS 4.3 but still npm 1.x , should be npm 2.x. Gotta find a good way to provision it in the image giventhere is no npm 2.x deb package
  • deployed chunks of Paladox changes to add npm/composer on various mw extensions

Other Work


Browser tests