Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20151116





How to do it:

  • Nov 25: Greg - Half day (working that morning)
  • Nov 26: US HOLIDAY - Thanksgiving
  • Nov 27: US HOLIDAY - Day after Thanksgiving
  • Dec 2?-Jan 0x - Antoine, no clue yet
  • Dec 4th: Greg - disconnected, leaving Thursday evening, returning Sunday :)
  • Dec 21-Jan 1: Greg - vacation, at least (maybe part of the week before)
  • Dec 22-29: Chad - Christmas
  • Dec 23–25: Tyler — Hopeful, probable, Christmas in Kansas!
  • Dec 24-Jan 3: Dan - Holidays (probably)
  • Dec 25: US HOLIDAY - Christmas Day - December 25
  • Jan 1: US HOLIDAY - New Year's Day
  • Jan 4 - 8: WikiDev16 + All Hands
  • Jan 16-18: Chad - another music festival
  • Jan 18: US HOLIDAY - Martin Luther King Day
  • Feb 15: US HOLIDAY - President's Day
  • May 30: US HOLIDAY - Memorial Day
  • June-ish: Chad - EDC
  • August: France holiday - because french. :)

Team Business


Actions from last meeting

  • IN PROGRESS - Chad: re 1.26 release: "Going to push on all the assigned ones and find assignees for the remainder this week."
    • Dan to continue to bring up in SoS
    • Release is next week, the 25th of Nov. before thanksgiving (US Nov 26th).
  • TODO - Greg: re KPIs, do mw core gate-processing time for this quarter, reassess for next quarter if needed
  • TODO - No One Yet: investigate carbon aggregation of stats >1 month old behavior
    • ACTION: Antoine to create a task





  • Let's not do this
  • Explore the idea: Survey on needs related to Beta Cluster/Staging
  • Roll the ideas from staging into beta? Auto-provisioning, recent distros, puppet cleanup, etc?
  • End goal: make sure problems in production are reproducible
  • Moving target trying to keep up with ops
    • ACTION: schedule time with ops to discuss dedicated opsen to help plan/review/merge
      • Promote shared ownership of ops/puppet related to BC/Prod
      • Talk about practices around puppet manifests (improvements in envirinment neutrality, taking care of existing debt)
    • Why?
      • reduce tech debt
      • fewer times bugging ops for help :)
      • making production errors (more) reproducible on Beta Cluster
      • helps find the gross corner cases in prod puppet (eg: tin, you can't just apply the deployment:: role on it and have it work)
  • Differential
    • Rfc on track for end of Q2/Dev Summit
    • Q3 will likely be spent responding to concerns, defining workflows, planning for migration
    • Will not be rolling out or performing any substantial migration
    • find more standalone/early adopter projects
    • End of Q3/early Q4 for MW and extensions moving over

  • QA Health Dashboard
    • What is the scope/purpose of this project?
      • One possibility is to show (us?) which projects are using which libraries/versions, data on unit/integration tests, coverage, etc.
      • API for querying this data would allow for ad hoc, more team specific dashboards

Example: ?

New vs Maint time spent




Scrum of Scrums

Blocked on us:
  • Scream about MW release 1.26

Project Updates


CI Scaling

Quarterly Goal: "CI cluster responds to spike in queued builds by starting and registering additional jenkins slaves" -
  • Additional zuul-merger on labs host (Tomorrow 3pm UTC with Andrew B.)
  • Tyler/Mukunda got rid of ZUUL_UID for the publish jobs, let us push doc from Differential.
  • random reviews and infra related stuff (Zuul/Nodepool package updates)
  • zuul-cloner ready to clone from local mirrors
  • rake entry point being generalized

Deployment Cabal

Quarterly Goal: "Migrate all Service team owned services and MW deploys to scap3" -

Diff[usion|erential] migration

Quarterly Goal:

(Greg can create some tasks for these if/as needed)

  • Antoine + Mukunda should sit down and talk CI/Harbormaster/Nodepool
    • Mukunda just needs to find time to finally test out harbormaster triggering jenkins jobs.
  • Find some Differential Ambassadors for each vertical
    • bd808 for Reading

Release MediaWiki 1.26

Release date 11/25

Developer Tooling (MW-Vagrant, MW-Selenium, etc.)


Beta Cluster


Other Work