Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20150929


Team BusinessEdit

  • Quarterly Review
    • in-progress
    • Invited Dan, Tyler, and Chad (sorry, but thanks ;) )


Scrum of ScrumsEdit
Blocked on us:

CI ScalingEdit
Quarterly Goal: "CI cluster responds to spike in queued builds by starting and registering additional jenkins slaves" -

Deployment CabalEdit

Quarterly Goal: "Migrate all Service team owned services and MW deploys to scap3" -
  • continue cabal group meetings
    • TODO: announce to ops list, describe what the purpose of the meeting is :-)
  • scap3 to deploy RESTBase to beta-cluster

Phabricator/Diff[usion|erential] migrationEdit

Quarterly Goal:
  • TODO: Differential migration weekly
    • chad, mukunda, chase (optional), andre

Release MediaWiki 1.26Edit
  • Already switched master to 1.27 cycle
  • REL1_26 branches will be made today -- will e-mail wikitech after branches created
  • Scheduled release date is Nov. 21st

Developer Tooling (MW-Vagrant, MW-Selenium, etc.)Edit

  • MW-Selenium 1.6.0 released and announced (thanks, Zeljko!)
  • MW-Selenium 1.6.1 to be released today (fixes a bug in UserFactory)

Beta ClusterEdit

Other WorkEdit


Please add your time off to your gcal, **Phabricator**, and ADP, as appropriate

  • Dan - Oct 16th (2015)
  • Opsen - Oct 12-16th - offsite
  • Antoine - Friday Oct 23th (2015)
  • Chad - Jan 16-18 (2015, MLK weekend) - another music festival