Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20150707



Team Business


Pairing (#together) / Weekly Triages

  • Did we decide to go with Phabricator or Google calendar?
    • Try phabricator, see how it works for you. Most of the bugs should be fixed, phab calendar is coming out of beta soon.
  • Tyler to move deployment systems triage meeting to wednesday
  • Tyler:Dan:Chad pairing Tuesday (today) on isolated Beta Cluster backend for security scanning
  • Zeljko/Antoine still pairing

Scrum of Scrums

Blocked on us:

Beta Cluster

  • Antoine paired with Marko from services team to bring up on par with JJB.
    • Talked about enhancing the mediawiki/services auto deployment on beta.

Deployment Cabal

  • Building RESTBase instances (got 5 of 10 up)
  • Getting Ansible running on staging
  • "GDEP" repo created in Phabricator to hold deployment code. Yay!
  • begin building a framework around the high level deployment process

Isolated CI instances

Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs -
  • Dan and Antoine paired. Talked about a strategy to build the images.
    • Going to try Vagrant, but maybe we will use diskimage-builder. No clue yet :-D
  • Idea have the base image provisionned as much as possible to minimize the first puppet run once instance boots
  • Where to put our puppet manifests? No clue yet.
  • Jenkins upgrade on Wednesday with Zeljko -
  • AGREED: Antoine to push Nodepool dummy passwords to labs/private.git then sync with Andrew to push the real pass in the real repo


  • Updated to the 'redesign-2015' branch upstream, the upgrade went very slowly due to some slow db migrations
    • Seems to be mostly working well, with a few visual glitches, the worst of which I patched locally
    • Can you pull in
    • Need it before wednesday?
    • No, just making sure it gets included in next upstream pull
    • I pull everything on wednesday so it should get included then
    • Thx!

Developer Tooling (MW-Vagrant, MW-Selenium, etc.)

  • Working JJB builder for pre-merge (currently experimental) MW-Selenium builds ( )
  • Video recording of headless sessions Xvfb display ( )
    • Watch out for disk space on Trusty slaves. Only 60GB disk and 80/85% full
    • XVFB display port :94 used by qunit/karma jobs
      • Worked around by setting the display based on the Jenkins executor slot + 70. Keep the XVFB isolated between jobs at the expense of some memory.
  • Mukunda suggests to reduce the size of videos (ie encode them with some low quality)
  • No point recording/keeping video of scenario that passes.

Other Work

  • pwstore for release engineering
    • Possible shared passwords we could store:
      • Gerrit credentials for Github
      • other Github shared credentials
      • archiva password?
      • wikitech/labs role accounts for Jenkins users or Nodepool
      • Selenium passwords for beta
      • SauceLabs master account

To be further discussed on our mailling list thread.



Please add your time off to your gcal and ADP, as appropriate

  • Greg: July 6-12th - vacation without connection
  • Antoine: July 14th (Bastille day) - August 1st- 23rd
  • Wikimania: Dan, Zeljko, Tyler - 7/13ish - 7/20ish
  • Andrew Bogott: July 18-27, mostly unreachable
  • Chad: July 23-27 (Thur-Sun), reachable by e-mail
  • Antoine: Aug 1st - 22nd (3 weeks!)