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Team Business

  • BrowserStack
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  • Hiring
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Pairing (#together / #byob) / Weekly Triages


Good opportunity: "Upgrade beta-cluster caches to jessie"

 ** Tyler, Dan, Chad!

Need to create instances and prepare patches for mediawiki-config and puppet. Then a good 2 hours sprint to switch all beta cluster caches from Trusty to Jessie. #together

Scrum of Scrums

Blocked on us:

no news is good news :)

Beta Cluster


Deployment Cabal

  • Big goal for next quarter (discuss, change, etc):
    • deploy services! Restbase
    • should allow batches (specify via config or at runtime)
    • should run checks (what do those look like?)
    • should roll back
    • should get running in deployment-prep by quarter's end (no explicit dependencies on ops—ops feedback throughout [obvs])
    • keep deployment cabal group running as a means of sanity checks
    • RelEng code: Tyler, Chad, Mukunda—Dan to facilitate discussion

Isolated CI instances

Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs -


  • Upstream phabricator has merged a giant bunch of UI changes, I'm a little scared to pull it
    • see:
    • Will probably push the last version from them before the merge, and give them a few days to patch things before we pull the major changes.
    • Regardless, eventually we've got to bite the bullet. I expect some people to hate the new UI, it's a fairly drastic difference
      • I don't think it's all that different. Only thing I expect people to gripe over is the smaller font choices.
  • Repo reading via https on Phab now available!
    • I also discovered that phabricator's repo hosting over https doesn't scale well to very large repositories. Workaround: use ssh. I don't think ours are big enough to worry but there's that.
      • We need to figure out more here and see if it's fixable.

Other Work