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Team Business

  • Annual review time! Get your nominations for coworker feedback in
  • "weekly" triage meetings?
    • team happy about the idea. Have to make it happens now

Team Quarterly Goals


Scrum of Scrums

Blocked on us:

Setup new wikis in Beta Cluster for Content Translation

Deployment Cabal


Test history

Quarterly Priority: By team test history:

Isolated CI instances

Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs -

Image building Antoine: attempted to build base images using Trusty image + operations/puppet.git to include the class we need. That is not pretty.

Images are currently build on a labs instance and context copied from it to the image being build. That is an egg and chicken problem to properly bootstrap an image from scratch.

Vagrant more or less works: --> puppet overrides bunch of root files such as sudo / pam / ssh / resolv.conf

With vmbuilder (which we currently use for Ubuntu images), inject a puppet run when image is created -->,unified

  • facter does not work because of lack of /proc :]

Splitting Jenkins Currently used for:

Currently we have bad interactions between various plugins. Thus functionalities could/should be split.

CI will get rid of Jenkins at one point. Might be used as a high level wrapper on top of scap/git-deploy/new deployment system (or just use something else).

OpenStack puppetized Jenkins make it easier to spawn multiple instances. Zuul can be attached multiple Jenkins so no change on Gerrit/Zuul side.

Antoine to poke engineering and wikitech-l (when there's a plan) list about it.

MediaWiki Releases

Quarterly Priority: Release MediaWiki 1.25:
  • 27 open tasks. Please take one :)
  • Definitely going to sprint at hackathon
  • beta1 coming this week. Starting the process today.


  • Kevin Smith as part time product manager
  • upgrade tomorrow

Other Work





  • Antoine: observing french holidays: Fri May 7-8, Thurs May 14
  • Dan in France the week before offsite (May 11-15, leaving evening of Thursday May 7)
  • Week before hackathon: Team offsite in France -
  • May: Hackathon in Lyon, France
  • Chad vacation after offsite/hackathon (through 5/31)
  • Andrew Bogott: May 8, May 20-26, hackathon &c., July 18-27, mostly unreachable