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Team Business


Team Quarterly Goals


Scrum of Scrums

Blocked on us:

Beta Cluster stability / Staging

Quarterly Priority: Green nightly builds on staging:
Quarterly Priority: Stable uptime metrics of the Staging cluster:
  • Should I close T88705? (assuming that staging goes on hold?)
Migration to new labvirt hosts:
  • Which instances should I move immediately, while everyone is watching?
    • deployment-bastion / to be done Wednesday Andrew morning
    • deployment-db1
    • deployment-db2
  • What other projects should I move to the head of the line before I do a bulk 'everything else in labs' migration?

Deployment Cabal

  • Currently making a technical evaluation of suitability of ansible v. salt
  • Trebuchet is kind of terrible :\
    • Antoine: in this context does 'terrible' means 'bad' or 'awesome'? :) bad
    • Might want to use ansible/saltstak to replace Jenkins jobs

Test history

Quarterly Priority: By team test history:
  • Positive feedback so far from James F and Jon R
  • Need a home for Elasticsearch and UI: new instance in integration project
    • AGREED new instance in 'integration project with an obvious name
  • Will try to finish this week:
    • Project navigation (wouldn't be "by team" without it)
    • Links to create new Phab task from failure (associate task with step and show in future builds as well)

Isolated CI instances

Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs -
  • Rebuild our pool of current instances with smaller one running less jobs in paralell
    • "Convert pool from a few large slaves (4X) to more smaller slaves (1X)"
    • @Andrew can we get a new instance type (between m1.small and m1.medium) for our specific usage? Wanna avoid allocating unneeded resources.
    • Andrew stated it is quite easy to create a new type and associate it to a project. Just need a Phab task.
  • CI checkin going on weekly basis (Tuesday 14:00 UTC or 7:00am PST)

MediaWiki Releases

Quarterly Priority: Release MediaWiki 1.25:



Other Work