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Team Business

  • Tyler! and intros

Team Workboard


Scrum of Scrums

Blocked on us:

Other incoming work:

Beta Cluster stability / Staging

  • Any objections if we just remove test2wiki builds? At one point they were useful, today they are just noise.
    • Chris to send emails to team mail lists
    • (silence) :)
    • antoine: approve, no need to keep running useless broken stuff
    • Željko: +1

Yuvi (beta cluster ops liaison) off for vacations Things we're block on from others?

  • insert here

Isolated CI instances

Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs -
DO READ crazy
Phabricator board:

Things we're blocked on from others?

MediaWiki Releases

edit (EOL: June 2016) (EOL: Nov 2015) (LTS, EOL: May 2017) (LTS, EOL: May 2015)

Other Work

  • Dan released mediawiki-selenium gem 1.0.0.pre.1 (beta) \O/
    • cheers here: \O/ ^(-_-)^
    • :) :)
    • (Dan) still need(s) to pair with Željko on this, possibly with Chris again as well. Yes, I got hung up in bugs all over.
  • established base unit-test coverage for mediawiki-vagrant plugin
  • Lot of browser test bugs last week.
  • Fixed tests for Echo and Flow
  • Pairing with Rummana on some hosed VE tests.
  • UploadWizard problems all this morning
  • Search is toast on beta for 2 days now.
    • Chad working on this
  • Chris spent some time reading January's quarterly reviews. There are about 10+- teams that rely on RelEng for various things. We should work with Team Practice Group (TPG) to make those "individuals and interaction" more explicit.
    • Also work with TPG to acknowledge exceptions and fatals in logstash
  • Wikitech now on the deployment train
    • cheers here again: |_|>
  • CI entry point to generate doc (ex: make doc). Could use review/comment on wikitech-l . Tracked via
  • Will probably merge the PHPUnit and Qunit tests in a single job
  • PHP repos migration to composer going on (by Librarizificatition team bd808/legoktm). Switching Jenkins to it progressively.


  • Yay Tyler :)


  • Feb 16th: US Holiday (Presidents' Day)
  • Tyler will in town (SF) the week of 16th
  • Chris vacation sometime in March or April dates TBD.
  • Andrew out this Thursday and Friday (Feb. 12th and 13th)
  • Antoine out Friday 13th
  • No internet at home next week
  • Week before hackathon: Team offsite in France -
  • May: Hackathon in Lyon, France
    • Lyon used to be the capital of the area a long time ago. Nice old city, lot of great food, reasonably sunny/hot.