Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20141021



Team Business

  • Phabricator workboard discussion
      • Make sure you have an account :)
      • Join the "project"
    • Things to think about, we probably want to take a 2 hour chunk of time to do this well enough:
      • What is our generalized process? We can keep our current process and make the tool match that.
      • "size" of things in this specific board (do we need two?)
      • "Blocked" column?
      • "Needs review" column?
      • "Done" column (and related "Archive" column)?
      • other things?

Scrum of Scrums


(kept as long url because all short url providers are blocked by

  • Direct phabricator / migration questions to the #wikimedia-devtools irc channel
  • QChris finished the phabricator plugin for gerrit, we should see gerritbot posting to phabricator soon
  • See a sample of data migrated from bugzilla to phabricator to get a feel for how it's going to look and identify any problems:
  • (antoine) it (phabricator upstream:) is awesome. Can fill bug at which are triaged quickly
  • ready to merge the l18n stuff
  • sync up with Niklas re l18n

Zuul / Gearman related:

  • Have some Icinga/Graphite monitoring in staff. Not sure whom to notify beside Yuvi, Greg and I. Ideas? Maybe a public mailling list similar to qa-alerts ( ), but not qa-alerts since it is super spammy. Maybe betacluster-alerts or something
    • create a task in the workboard (greg)
  • Andrew is still waiting on bids for virt hardware, and frowning a lot

Browser tests

  • (Dan) Making progress on env layer
  • Antoine got Dan to commit to giving a TDD talk to WMF :)
  • Chris in SF, working mostly directly with Flow folks (mostly S I think) and a little with Rummana for VE.
  • (Dan) Survey out—around 38 replies so far. Let it roll? Send to community?
  • (Dan) Start analysis of survey results






  • 10/20 - 10/30 - Antoine might skip morning and work during evening {european pov}.
  • 10/21-22-23 Chris in SF (Elisabeth Hendrickson talk at WMF Oct 22)
  • 10/23 - Antoine traveilling during morning
  • 10/27 - 10/29 Chris at Google Test Automation Conference Seattle
  • 10/30 - 10/31 Chris vacation
  • 11/3 - 11/7: Antoine - OpenStack Summit Paris
  • 11/11 - Antoine Holiday (WW1)