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Team Business


Scrum of Scrums

  • Dependency wall: (grrr spam filter)

One card (ops/release) Phabricator related:

Lots happening in Phabricator world.....

  • [Ops] LocalisationUpdate == useless Tin

Summary: currently app servers sync l10nupdate from tin instead of using the rsync proxies just like scap does. BitTorrent?!!

  • (Antoine) All jobs depending on mediawiki core now have mediawiki/vendor cloned as well. Unblocks Bryan Davis changes to core logging
  • (Antoine, Timo) Nasty regression in Jenkins Git plugin under Trusty (fixed)
  • (Zeljkof, Tobi) Wmde browsertests jobs migrated \O/
  • (Antoine, Dan, Zeljkof) JJB macro to easily run bundle commands
  • (Timo) Labs slaves monitoring:
  • (Antoine) Integration job to assert our PHPUnit fork works with mw/core release branches / master
  • (Antoine, devs) pywikibot running python3.4 tests on Ubuntu Trusty
  • Proposal to merge JJB and Zuul config repositories (see QA list)
  • ACTION self deploy on +2
  • Andrew has been too busy (migrating LDAP) to order new hardware for nightly cluster Still hoping to do that soon.
  • Nightly cluster need resources from the whole engineering team. (Antoine, Greg during 1/1)

Browser tests

  • (Dan) Checking in with MM team about MMV metrics and need (or not) to setup traffic shaping
  • (Dan) Helping Zero with first browser tests for the Zero Portal
  • (Dan) Moving ahead on environment abstraction layer
  • (Tobi, Zeljkof, Antoine) Jenkins Performance Plugin enabled on all jobs (see QA list)
  • (Antoine, Dan, Zeljkof) Firefox local browser tests have a race condition killing Xvfb


  • Elena starts on Tuesday (SF based)




  • 10/8: Zeljko - Croation Holiday
  • 10/6 - 10/10 Chris vacation
  • 10/13 - 10/17 Greg at MediaWiki Core offsite
  • 10/20 - 10/30 - Antoine might skip morning and work during evening {european pov}.
  • 10/21-22-23 Chris in SF (Elisabeth Hendrickson talk at WMF Oct 22)
  • 10/27 - 10/29 Chris at Google Test Automation Conference Seattle
  • 10/30 - 10/31 Chris vacation
  • 11/3 - 11/7: Antoine - OpenStack Summit Paris
  • 11/11 - Antoine Holiday (WW1)