Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20140930



Team Business


Scrum of Scrums

  • Dependency wall:
  • Elasticsearch upgraded on logstash100[1-3] to match production. Other packages upgraded etc. Hopefully increase stability. logstash upgrades to come per beta below (reedy)
  •   Done Zuul cloner bug,
    • should the bug be FIX/RESO? :)
  • MediaWiki extensions qunit jobs migrated to it but VisualEditor. New job pending testing by VE team. (Antoine, Timo)
  • Wrote a diagnostic tool for Zuul ( Doc updated at need moaar doc
  • Zuul stop processing jobs from time to time. Gathered traces which indicates it is most probably an issue in Gearman server.
  • C Scott proposed to merge zuul-config and jenkins-job-builder-config repositories. Thoughts?
    • Zeljkof, +1
    • Antoine to fill a bug about it and handle the merging + updating related jobs.
  • logstash upgraded to 1.4.2 for testing, prior to deployment to production (reedy)
  • addition of redis yesterday broke beta labs bug was closed but re-opened because editing is still busted and Preferences also (at least)
    • greg to email deployers...

Browser tests

  • major updates to Echo and Flow repos in process
  • basic training for Rummana today
  • i10n screenshots (with Amir and Vikas)
    • some tests failing but he's coming back/still around
    • the missing font issue (solved)
    • user selectable language (default is a long list)
  • JJB browser tests cucumber macro needs evil refactoring. Been copy pasted all over the place.
  • Survey is going out this week? hopefully, once Dan's better and can get it in Qualtrics


  • Elena Tonkovidova starts 14 October. Bay Area based.



Selenium Workshop

  • Zeljkof working with Nik
  • asked Rachel for room/etc


  • 10/3: Zeljko - Conference
  • 10/8: Zeljko - Croation Holiday
  • 10/6 - 10/10 Chris vacation
  • 10/20 - 10/30 - Antoine might skip morning and work during evening {european pov}.
  • 10/21-22-23 Chris in SF (Elisabeth Hendrickson talk at WMF Oct 22)
  • 10/27 - 10/29 Chris at Google Test Automation Conference Seattle
  • 10/30 - 10/31 Chris vacation
  • 11/3 - 11/7: Antoine - OpenStack Summit Paris
  • 11/11 - Antoine Holiday (WW1)