Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20140916


  • redirection scripts (BZ urls to Phab urls)
    • almost finished
    • Just waiting on launch, will work with chase to deploy it
  • the gerrit -> phab bot
    • Java :)
    • ask for help from Nik/Chad/Christian
  • extensions now being tested with:
    • proper mediawiki/core branch (deployed today)
    • mediawiki/vendor
  • Still have to migrate the extensions -qunit jobs (WIP)
  • Wikidata related jobs partly reintegrated on Wikimedia Jenkins
  • Next items:
    • early adopt phabricator
    • isolating tests using labs infra.
    • merge zuul-config and jjb-config repositories (suggested by cscott)
    • auto deploy CI related changes on +2
  • Anyone interested in some Jenkins training ? ( Timezones sucks :-/ )
  • Chris started re-doing docs on mw.o. Starting with getting rid of references to Cloudbees.
  • Jenkins perf improvements
    • plan a sane master/slave arrangements
    • Design load structure
    • TODO: GREG to find find out Timo's involvement
  • jeremyb rampage
  • matanya granted root on beta (ops & puppet volunteer)

Antoine: both are huge additions with a long record of proven success.

Browser tests

  • early WIP of environment abstration layer
  • helping MMV with performance testing using MW-Selenium and an "isolated" labs instance
  • Chris to refactor Echo tests first in conjunction with corefeatures team