Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20131119



Quarterly Review


Improve our deployment process

  • git-deploy
    • Mostly on hold right now
  • automation
    • extension removal updates are currently manual, maybe make automatic? less beta cluster breakage
      • Antoine: We have a sync script in mediawiki/extensions.git
      • Antoine: Ideally extension should be registered by Gerrit whenever a repo is created, but that is not supported.
    • TODO: automate somewhere the run of the script to add/remove extensions. Might be done via Jenkins.
    • support Parsoid correctly on beta labs
  • monitoring
    • antoine will fill a ton of bugs here for beta cluster

NOT DONE: Antoine could use pairing with someone else from the team to define the monitoring needs we have. Then delegate to ops for implementation.

Take the Beta Cluster to the next level

  • monitoring of fatals, errors, performance
    • exception going to be logged via json soon. Patch pending in mediawiki/core.
    • Need monitoring setup (aka Icinga / irc notification bot ...). Action for OPS
  • SSL


    • Sudo policy revisited, root access now restricted to NDA folks.
    • SSL Certificates: quite expensive (see quote in PRIVATE!!!)
    • Antoine: do we really need real SSL certificates?
      • > YES ? might want to limit the wiki that would have real SSL certs (aka bits, upload, login, enwiki, commons)
      • > NO ? should be possible to add the self signed to the tests browers
  • add more automated tests for eg the API

    • Chris cleaned up a bunch of old Gadgets and user javascript that were out of date and/or corrupt but still on beta and causing issues.
  • feed experiences/gained knowledge of Beta Cluster automation up to production automation

MediaWiki tarball



Better align QA effort with high profile features

  • Apply model of Language/Mobile embedded QA to a new feature team (specifically VisualEditor)
    • Rummana is testing VE successfully
    • Jeff Hall coming on board Nov 12
  • Include more user contributed code testing (eg: Gadgets)
  • Increase capacity through community training for browser tests
  • Mobile/Michelle
    • teaching devs to do automated tests :)
    • writing up some cheat sheets for them
    • looking at javascript code coverage tooling, email to wikitech-l forthcoming
    • figuring out deploy train
  • Release notes enhancement (Andre)

Selenium tests

  • Željko
  • working on media-wikiselenium gem (moving shared code there)
  • Pairing with Niklas and Amir from Language team
  • Pairing with Tobi @WMDE (they have ton of Selenium tests)
  • 1 hour pairing on Friday with random() folks interested in writing tests

Chris/S Page

What is required before integration in Gerrit continue is to make sure browsertests are passing using phantomjs and a newly created wiki. Anyone can help by running them and reporting the bugs then pair up with Browsertests expert to fix the issues. Might get the features teams involved? Aka VisualEditor and Language team for ULS.