Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20131105



Improve our deployment process

  • git-deploy
    • Mostly on hold right now
  • automation
    • extension removal updates are currently manual, maybe make automatic? less beta cluster breakage
    • support Parsoid correctly on beta labs
  • monitoring
    • antoine will fill a ton of bugs here for beta cluster

Take the Beta Cluster to the next level

  • monitoring of fatals, errors, performance
    • exception going to be logged via json soon. Patch pending in mediawiki/core.
    • Need monitoring setup (aka Icinga / irc notification bot ...). Action for OPS
  • SSL
    • No more issue since Chris fixed the configuration
    • real
    • lock down the one varnish instance?
    • remove sudo access on varnish?
    • => Antoine to create user group / tweak sudo policy / write doc
    • => Chris supporting / reviewing and poking Ryan to get the SSL certificates deployed.
  • add more automated tests for eg the API

    • Chris cleaned up a bunch of old Gadgets and user javascript that were out of date and/or corrupt but still on beta and causing issues.
  • feed experiences/gained knowledge of Beta Cluster automation up to production automation

Better align QA effort with high profile features

  • Apply model of Language/Mobile embedded QA to a new feature team (specifically VisualEditor)
    • Rummana is testing VE successfully
    • Jeff Hall coming on board Nov 12
  • Include more user contributed code testing (eg: Gadgets)
  • Increase capacity through community training for browser tests
  • Mobile/Michelle
    • teaching devs to do automated tests :)
    • writing up some cheat sheets for them
    • looking at javascript code coverage tooling, email to wikitech-l forthcoming
    • figuring out deploy train
  • Release notes enhancement (Andre)

Selenium tests

  • Zeljko
  • 1 hour pairing on Friday with random() folks interested in writing tests
  • Pairing with Markus to write browser tests for the Mediawiki installer
  • Pairing with Tobi @WMDE (they have ton of Selenium tests)
  • Bringing Flow on as well



QA/Release quaterly review postponed. Greg/Rob/Chris sitting together soon to think about it.