Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20131022


   Chris S, Chris M. Zeljko, Andre, Antoine, Greg (by phone), Sam



Improve our deployment process

  • git-deploy
  • automation
    • Flow tests looking nice right now. Not adding new ones for now, while some UI bugs get sorted
    • Željko spending significant time with Language team on test design for new tests and re-engineering existing tests
    • VisualEditor tests are turning up:
      • performance problems in Chrome compared to Firefox
      • behavior problems in Chrome compared to Firefox (VE pages in Chrome have different contents than in FF)
      • anomalous interactions between VE and ULS
      • probably bugs in WebDriver itself unfortunately. Right now cursor tests are flaky for every platform/browser except for FF/beta labs. Chrome builds all have performance problems and test2wiki builds all have VE+ULS interaction problems
  • monitoring

Take the Beta Cluster to the next level

  • monitoring of fatals, errors, performance
  • add more automated tests for eg the API
  • feed experiences/gained knowledge of Beta Cluster automation up to production automation
    • small steps: see the comments from Antoine and me on wikitech-l Oct 20/21 under "Optimizing the deployment train schedule"

Better align QA effort with high profile features

  • Apply model of Language/Mobile embedded QA to a new feature team (specifically VisualEditor)
    • Željko paired with Jeff Hall on test tools
    • Chris invited Jeff to pair on an in-depth look at the current issues for VisualEditor browser tests, set for Friday afternoon.
    • Chris preparing to set some first charters for a VisualEditor exploratory tester: behavior and performance in Chrome is our biggest potential issue right now.
    • Željko extracted code shared between repositores into a Ruby gem:
      • more code needs to be extracted
  • Include more user contributed code testing (eg: Gadgets)
  • Increase capacity through community training for browser tests
    • Right now training the Language team is the highest priority.
      • pairing with Niklas and Amir weekly
    • The other high priority is training Jeff and bring on Rummana, pending all the stuff for that.
    • But we still have ongoing high-signal discussions on the QA list. Community is not dead.
    • Google Code-in looks like it's 99% going to happen.

Enhance deployment train


Please reply to thread "[Wikitech-l] Optimizing the deployment train schedule"


  • MediaWiki release
    • Jenkins job is under should be triggered when a ref is updated or by triggering it manually and filling in ZUUL_REF something like ref/tags/1.22.0. Release script is in mediawiki/tools/release.git : /make-release/
    • Markus working on a PHPUnit script to test out the resulting tarball (try to install, run unit tests, chec
  • Signing tarball
    • should be done manually for now, the CI Jenkins is not secure at all. Potential plan: create a new isolated Jenkins box restricted to a bunch of people, could be used to releae Debian packages / Maven java packages or MediaWiki release.