Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20130924




Improve our deployment process


Take the Beta Cluster to the next level


Better align QA effort with high profile features

  • Apply model of Language/Mobile embedded QA to a new feature team (specifically VisualEditor)

Chris has been screening candidates for this position daily since last week.

  • Include more user contributed code testing (eg: Gadgets) (no response so far)

  • Increase capacity through community training for browser tests

had a nice turnout for this: Note: Erik and Arthur have proposed a tactical/communications meeting among at least some of the feature teams and the non-specific teams (ops, analytics, Language) possibly to be called a "Scrum of scrums". I think it would be valuable to have a RelEng/QA presence there in the service of "high profile features".


- RT ticket in for getting MobileFrontend configured on Test2
- After this is set up I need to setup a new jenkins job that runs against Test 2 
- Will work with Greg to find out when code changes go out so that I can make sure to do a few extra passes at testing after the first few releases