Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20130917




  • Antoine, Chris McMahon, Chris Steipp, Greg, Sam Zeljkof

Visual Editor test under beta:

  • Zeljkof and Chris working with VE team this week
  • Antoine working on a roadmap / bugs entries to get Selenium tests runnable under a Jenkins instance in labs
    • Zeljkof got shell access, pair up with Antoine next week
  • Chris requesting
  • Adding a wiki on beta has a step-by-step guide on wikitech:
  • Ariel in contact with VE team to find out which articles they need.


  • greg contacted git-annex author, seems he is willing to help with some git repositories corruptions we are facing. Ryan Lane will get in touch with him.

mw release

  • Chris talked with Mark & Markus about the next release. Tarball and scripts being worked on.
  • A challenge is how to include the security patches without having them exposed publicly for too much of a long time.
  • Chris: could we get the scripts integrated in Jenkins.
    • Chris and Antoine to pair next week