Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20130910


  • Reedy
    • Sit down with Ryan today/tomorrow
  • Chris
    • working with Mark on security releases
    • another security release coming up, work with M&M on some of the tarball
  • Antoine
    • did some review of make-release
    • pair with Zeljko to get Selenium tests triggered by Gerrit
  • Michelle
    • Working with Max to move mobile to riding the train
  • Zeljko
    • working with WD folks on jenkins/cloudbees
    • pair with Antoine on the selenium tests per patchet in Gerrit.
      • First target ULS, then VisualEditor
  • Chris
    • Ongoing conversation with CloudBees on getting us more builders
  • Andre
    • component layout in BZ
  • Ariel
    • article dump/import