Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20130903

Quick recap of quarterly review


Add to/Remove from/Prioritize the sprint agenda

Please come with suggestions for this.

Focus Areas



  • Reasonable? Blockers? Better ideas?
  • nagios checks, inventory
    • Antoine: the way it is done in production is by using puppet resource collection which is disabled in labs. Would then need a Nagios instance.
    • get Ken to address the time
  • Ori-l has a patch in mw/core to generate exceptions as a stream of JSON. Idea is to get that enabled on beta and use the json feed to generate a dashboard of errors and IRC notifications in some channel. Would helps notice issues whenever they happen.

Deploying (the act of)


Automated Testing

  • Move browser tests out of the /qa/browsertests "grab bag" and into individual builds targeted at specific features and/or extensions in a reasonable way.
  • Gadgets?
  • Trigger Selenium tests on patchset submissions ( ) (ULS goes first for this + VisualEditor)
    • Antoine and Zeljko to works on this. Either:
      • Need to find a way for Zuul in production to trigger the Jenkins jobs driving the SeleniumTests (might not be possible :/).
      • Migrate Jenkins jobs from Cloudbee jenkins to Wikimedia jenkins
        • Antoine & Zejlko on this next week, with beer
  • Idea is to move Browser tests along with the code they are testing this way developers would be in charge of maintaining them. Chris and Zeljkof will turn out to be 2nd level support.



Trigger ULS builds on merge (covered above in Automated Testing).

Get more builders in CloudBee Jenkins:

Probably going to do biweekly meeting. See you on qa list meanwhile :-] ;)