Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/CI Futures WG/Meetings/2019-10-29-RelEng+SRE sync



Attendees: Giuseppe, Alex, Effie, Mark, thcipriani, dduvall, liw

Release Engineering and SRE teams create a plan to implement a Deployment Pipeline compliant CI system.


  • Background
    • Why is it needed
      • Python3
      • SPoF (people)
      • Jenkins/security
    • CI Futures
    • More self-serve for our devs
    • Expectations from the SRE team

  • Questions
    • Namespaces per project -- may be too many projects
      • Gerrit has 2333 projects as of this morning
  • Machines where we will run CI
    • How stable/long-lived is argo?
      • Maintained by Intuit
      • Dan is a contributor -- is bullish on upstream
      • Tekton is slowly ripping off Argo (Tekton is in )
    • Security-sensitive workflows -- embargoed changes + gpg signing/docker-pkg
      • Ideally there would be a solution for that in this
      • We've been thinking about this for MediaWIki deployment re:security patches pre-deployment
    • What are the interactions with the production environment?
    • self-serve
      • Ops puppet uses rspec, tox, etc. less standard than, say, a PHP or python project
      • Document doesn't go into detail about this -- but having a small abstraction over the workflow -- analogous to .pipeline/config.yaml -- should work with well with Argo

TODO: thcipriani to followup with email, we need to have more meetings about this