Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/CI Futures WG/Meetings/2019-03-18

WMF working group for the future of CI



Meeting 2019-03-18


On Google Hangouts Meet. Present:

  • Lars
  • Zeljko
  • Brennen
  • Dan



The goal of this meeting is to review what's happened since yesterday's meeting and plan work until next meeting.

Actions from previous meeting:

  •   Done: Lars: (Concourse CI)
  •   Done: Lars to document how to build Blubber and run unit tests in CI
  • TODO: Dan to evaluate JenkinsX
  • TODO: Brennen to evaluate Zuul v3
  •   Done: Zeljko to evaluate HarborMaster
  •   Done: Zeljko to take a quick second look at sourcehut
  •   Done: Lars to set up list for voting after this meeting
  • TODO: All to vote on hard requirements in Etherpad
  •   Done: Zeljko to create some tickets for remaining candidates
  •   Done: Dan to reparent the Jenkins X ticket to the main WG ticket
  •   Done: Zeljko to have a look at sourcehut
  •   Done: Lars to check with Greg on how to report




  • Lars has asked Greg for how WG should report.

Evaluation status/news

  • Concourse - Lars hasn't gotten the "build Blubber" toy project done.
    • Might be due to insufficient effort in reading documentation, but it'd be better to not have to study hard to start using.
    • Lars can't recommend.
    • Discussion? Shall we close the task? (
    • We decided to exclude Concourse.
  • We excluded a few others. Remaining: GitLab CI/CD, GoCD, Jenkins X, sourcehut builds, Spinnaker, Zuul v3
  • What shall we aim to still evaluate this week?
    • Lars: GoCD
    • Brennen: Zuul v3
    • Dan: Jenkins X
    • Zeljko: Spinnaker

Hard requirements voting


ongoing, will be finished after meeting.

WG report

  • Proposal: Lars to draft something on Wed/Thu, we discussion Thu/Fri, finish and send to releng list on Monday before team weekly meeting
    • explain the evaluation process
    • discuss the very hard criteria, with justification
    • list candidates with short one-paragraph summaries of what they're like
    • propose a tool or set of tools or possible alternatives for WMF CI, with justification
      • could be "one of these, depending on $whatever"
    • suggest next actions for releng