Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/201415Q4

Top accomplishments from last quarter (Q3)


Goals staying over

  • Isolated CI Instances
  • MW Releases (not much longer, May 25th release date)
  • Ongoing QA (Editing/Mobile)
  • Beta Cluster stability (aka: staging cluster)
    • Will honestly slip for a month-ish

One we should have "done" by April 1st


People/Things for Q4

Isolated CI MW Releases Phabricator Deployment tooling & process Staging - Paused
Antoine X
Chad X X
Dan X X
Mukunda X X
Tyler X
Zeljko X

"New" Ideas

  • Turn the releasing of MW tarballs into one click (plus signing)
    • who: Chad, ???
  • Sentry support
    • We're unable to properly run continuous integration on our extension, if it depends on Composer modules which are not already checked out in the mediawiki-core/vendor repo.
    • We really need support in Vagrant to enable a second instance of the mediawiki-core code, using the fundraising branch. The "multiwiki" role only diverges at the extension and configuration level. Not having this blocks us from getting any casual developers either from WMF or volunteers and keeps fr-tech in a silo as a result.