Wikimedia Quality and Test Engineering Team/Office Hours/2021

2021-12-20 edit

Attendees: Soham, Osama, Ima, Željko

2021-12-13 edit

Attendees: Elena, Zeljko, Osama

2021-12-06 edit

Attendees: Dom, Elena, Zeljko, Osama, Esther

2021-11-29 edit

Attendees: Elena, Dom, Željko, Esther, Ima

  • ET:
** - betalabs logs.
    • (for Ima) Lang team QA column
  • Dom: Any advice for testing page and file deletion?

2021-11-22 edit

Attendees: Zeljko, Dom, Elena, Osama

  • Osama is our Outreachy intern!

2021-11-15 edit

Attendees: Zeljko, Osama, Dom, Ima

Cli ( )

sync/async, the task is about updating webdriverio to the latest released version (7.16.8)

    • There is a similar task (Upgrade WebdriverIO to v7 in all repositories ), but until recently (because of nodejs version we used, v10) we could only update to webdriverio v7.4. Now we use node v12 and v14, so we can update to the latest version.

2021-11-08 edit

Attendees: Zeljko, Elena, Dom, Ima

2021-11-01 edit

Attendees: Dom, Elena

2021-10-25 edit

Attendees: Elena, Ima, Željko, Mahfuza, Agha, Osama, Kelechi

2021-10-18 edit

Attendees: Zeljko, Elena, Dom, Osama, Esther, Ima, Lydia

  • T247665 QTE reading club
  • T265635 Schools of Software Testing
  • gerrit/github discussion

2021-10-11 edit

Attendees: Zeljko, Dom, Ima

2021-10-04 edit

Attendees: Esther, Zeljko, Dom, Ima, Elena

2021-09-27 edit

Attendees: Elena, Zeljko, Esther

  • Esther: VE Regression test Findings/Bugs and how to reproduce them
  • Selenium tests for VisualEditor, Thursday, September 30, 16:00 UTC
  • Elena: three great Growth team practices: weekly priorities, pre-recorded meetings materials, and Team Chores.

2021-09-20 edit

Attendees: Elena, Zeljko, Ima, Dom


2021-09-13 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Derrick, Željko

2021-09-06 edit

  • Attendees: Esther, Željko

2021-08-30 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Pita, Zeljko, Derrick, Ima

2021-08-23 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Pita, Zeljko, Dom, Ima, Derrick

2021-08-16 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Dom, Derick, Ima, Esther
    • Dom: ssh config file (Esther ssh access to wnflabs)

Host *.wmflabs *

 User dwalden

2021-08-02 edit

  • Attendees: Esther, Elena, Ima, Dom, Derrick
  • Ima
    • Would like a session on: Cypress as a preferred automation tool by Pita
    • Would like a step by step review of Prod and Beta deployment set up - Done
    • Is there a way to get email alerts when task moves into QA column on a scrum board other than subscribing to the tickets in development column.
  • Phab has setting for filtering notifcations in Email
  • Esther
    • Wikimania intro meeting

2021-07-26 edit

  • Attendees: Dom, Elena, Ima, Esther, Derrick


2021-07-19 edit

  • Attendees: Dom, Esther, Elena, Derrick

2021-07-12 edit

  • Attendees: Esther, Elena, Pita, Derrick, Zeljko, Dom, Ima

2021-06-28 edit

  • Attendees: Derrick, Ima, Dom, Zeljko, Pita, Esther
  • Dom
    • SecurePoll/STV: The number of possible vote distributions is potentially in the tens of trillions. I am trying to group them into "cases" (i.e. using domain analysis/equivalence-class partitioning)

2021-06-21 edit

  • Attendees: Esther, Derrick, Ima, Elena, Dom, John, Pita
  • Elena
    • talked about setting up account access for onboarding
    • "The Phoenix project" for Lunch&Talk presentation?

2021-06-14 edit

  • Attendees: Dom, Elena, Esther, Derrick, Zeljko, Pita, Ima

2021-06-07 edit

  • Attendees: Zeljko, Dom, Elena, Ima, Derrick

2021-05-24 edit

  • Attendees:
  • Željko
    • T283363 Release wdio-mediawiki 1.1.0
    • T282237 Upgrade for Selenium tests across all the repositories
    • T274579 Upgrade WebdriverIO to the latest version 7 for all repositories
  • Dom
    • Helping Rummana out with regression testing VE. Fairly successful so far (at least from my perspective).
  • Suggestions for VE regression testing:
    • QTE shares Rummana's burden (perhaps rotating QTE staff)
    • Talk with VE team to see if they can share some of Rummana's work
    • VE team helps with automation
    • QTE team helps with automation
    • Are there ways of analysing changes to VE and its dependencies so Rummana can focus her testing on the areas that are most likely to be broken by those changes?
    • Can we make VE more testable? (e.g. could we make it possible to run without Parsoid?)

2021-05-17 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Pita, Dom, Željko

2021-05-10 edit

  • Attendees: Pita, Dom, Elena, Željko
  • Željko
    • T281484 Add a basic wdio.conf.js to wdio-mediawiki

2021-05-03 edit

  • Attendees: John, Željko
  • John
    • T281547 TypeError: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined
  • Željko
    • T281484 Add a basic wdio.conf.js to wdio-mediawiki - Almost there. 🚴‍♂️
    • T281505 selenium-daily-beta(commons)-MediaWiki fails with `Test report file (...)WDIO.xunit-(...).xml was length 0` - Fixed. 🤕
    • T214686 selenium-daily-beta Jenkins jobs should have junit publisher - Done. ✅
    • T281372 Add timestamp function to wdio-mediawiki - Done. ✅
    • T280334 remove @wdio/devtools-service NPM package. - Done. ✅

2021-04-26 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Pita, Željko, Dom, John
  • John
    • New time for the meeting - not changing
  • Željko
    • Working with Ed on T269051 Minerva selenium test "Wikitext Editor (Makes actual saves) Redirects" failing
      • T280975 Upgrade WebdriverIO to v7 in MinervaNeue

2021-04-19 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Dom, Željko, Soham
  • Elena
    • (it was suggested during QTE Apr 07 meeting) can we re-purpose the Test Automation Office Hours meeting into more general QTE Office hours . No changes in the format, only in the title. Thoughts?
      • Elena will ask at slack and/or mailing list
    • QTE blogs - should they have phab tags?
      • We are not sure if tags do anything at blog posts.



2021-04-05 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Leza Zaman (tech product manager for Vuejs team)
    • Discussion on
      • Deployment process
      • Team/QA processes

2021-03-29 edit

  • Attendees: Pita, Željko
  • Pita
    • T277284 GSOC - Create cypress tests for wikipedia-preview
  • Željko
    • T248221 Update Selenium documentation to work with WebdriverIO v6
      • Status: 18/27 (67%)
    • T277054 Selenium tests fail when using Fresh
    • T278700 selenium-daily-beta-* Jenkins jobs failing

2021-03-22 edit

  • Attendees: Dom, Jared, Elena, Pita, Željko
  • Dom
    • Got my ebooklib script working (also had to use the MW Action API)
    • My vagrant has stopped working and I don't know why :'(

2021-03-15 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Dom, Soham, Jared, Željko
  • Soham
    • Request to set up a discusson on WebdriverIO to v7 proposal (seems to work with Node 10)
    • Spoke to Pita about the Cypress project and we have that as a project this year
  • Željko
    • T248221 Update Selenium documentation to work with WebdriverIO v6
      • 4 pages updated
  • Pita
    • T277284 GSOC - Create cypress tests for wikipedia-preview

2021-03-08 edit

  • Attendees: Dom, Elena, Jared, Željko
  • Željko
    • T269566 Remove ChromeDriver dependency in all repositories with Selenium tests
    • T276503 Make Echo browser tests record and save videos in CI
      • This should be easy to do, if anybody wants to try (otherwise I'll do it).
    • T248221 Update Selenium documentation to work with WebdriverIO v6
      • 2 pages updated so far, I'll continue with the updates this week. Let me know if any page is urgent.
    • T268756 Outreachy blog posts
      • I have to write my report of the internship
    • Testival Meetup #62 - Online Edition
      • Vidhi and Soham will talk about their GSOC intership at my local (now online) testing meetup
  • Jared
    • T259341 Create a generic NPM package for recording videos of test runs
  • Pita
    • Idea for GSOC on Cypress
      • Pita might ask Vidhi and Soham for help

2021-03-01 edit

  • Attendees: Elena, Dom, Željko

2021-02-22 edit

  • Attendees: Pita, Dom, Elena, Željko

2021-02-15 edit

  • Attendees: Željko, Elena

2021-02-08 edit

  • Attendees: Pita, Željko, John; Elena, Pablo, Harriet

2021-01-25 edit

  • Attendees: Pita, Željko, Dom

2021-01-18 edit

2021-01-11 edit

2021-01-04 edit