Wikimedia Quality and Test Engineering Team/Office Hours/2020

2020-12-21 edit

2020-12-14 edit

  • Attendees: Jared, Pita, Elena, Željko
  • Elena
    • [Cloud VPS alert] spam
    • Two blog posts
  • John
    • Writing club

2020-12-07 edit

  • Attendees: Dom, Elena, Harriet, Željko
  • Introductions

2020-11-30 edit

  • Attendees: Željko, Vidhi, Pita, Dom, John

2020-11-23 edit

  • Attendees: Željko, Elena, Vidhi, Soham, Dom
  • Željko
    • T210412 Learn Docker basics
    • T264762 Write recommendation letter for GSoC students
    • T263240 Mentor Outreachy Round 21 intern: Harriet!
    • T267928 RFC: Provide mechanism for defining and utilizing configuration sets for local development and browser / API-testing tests

2020-11-16 edit

2020-11-09 edit

  • Jared
    • T259341 Create a generic NPM package for recording videos of test runs - assigned
    • T254495 Use eslint-config-wikimedia 0.17.x in all repositories with Selenium tests - unassigned
    • T265656 Use eslint-config-wikimedia 0.17.x in wikibase/termbox - unassigned

2020-11-01 edit

2020-10-19 edit

2020-10-12 edit

  • Soham
    • mediawiki/core or sandbox?

2020-10-05 edit

2020-09-28 edit

2020-09-21 edit

2020-09-14 edit

2020-09-07 edit

  • Dom
    • Browserstack tabbing behaviour on Mac is not consistent with physical Mac - makes accessibility testing invalid
      • Željko set me up with Saucelabs (thanks!) to see if behaviour is same there

2020-08-31 edit

2020-08-24 edit

  • Dom
    • Considering Selenium(?) checks for new Watchlist Expiry feature
    • Could also test the API (there is a framework already in place)

2020-08-17 edit

  • No meeting

2020-08-10 edit

2020-08-03 edit

  • No meeting

2020-07-27 edit

  • Soham
    • won a hackathon!

2020-07-20 edit

2020-07-13 edit

  • Dom
    • do we have a dashboard with test results for various repositories?

2020-07-06 edit

  • Soham
    • How does CI run Selenium tests for core, extensions and skins

2020-06-29 edit

  • John
    • Is it possible to run the extension Central Notice in a Beta environment? - Yes!
    • Let's set up a separate meeting.
  • Elena
    • Vue.js

2020-06-15 edit

2020-06-08 edit

2020-06-01 edit

2020-05-25 edit

2020-05-18 edit

2020-05-11 edit

  • Elena
    • Let's talk about Hackathon
    • Automation integration tests coverage metric?
  • Željko
    • GSoC
    • TestSphere

2020-05-04 edit

2020-04-27 edit

  • Elena
    • will send Giselle notes on security testing

2020-04-20 edit

  • Giselle: fix patch and add details for a11y GrowthExperiments .. since it's been a long time since I submitted it, when I wanted to updated it the automatic merge failed, how should I proceed?
    • Template Wizard, add another page object 'define /create template page'

2020-04-06 edit

  • Elena

SOLVED ** the error: :~/Documents/gerrit/vagrant$ git pull fatal: unable to access '': SSL peer handshake failed

2020-03-30 edit

2020-03-23 edit

2020-03-16 edit

  • Željko
    • Upgrade webdriverio to version 5 for GrowthExperiments - Almost there. It was harder than expected. Works on my machine. Fails in CI. I was able to replicate the last failure locally using mediwiki-docker.
    • We're waiting for Security team to reply to Giselle's introduction.
    • This is still causing trouble: Main pages of several Beta Cluster wikis redirect to other production wikis
  • Giselle

2020-03-09 edit

2020-03-02 edit

2020-02-24 edit

Topics to discuss (please add here whatever you want to bring up during a meeting)

- page object patch -- reviewining/discussion of the tests structure and "Cannot merge" conflict on the patch - merge manually locally (creating a new branch) -- Giselle will take a look

- status? -- Željko will take a look

What was reviewed: - up-to-date documentation on Selenium node.js framework - and -

- Add accessibility check for Homepage -- Monte will take a look

2020-02-17 edit

Topics to discuss (please add here whatever you want to bring up during a meeting)

What was reviewed - (TemplateWizard test) was reviewed by Sam. Some follow up is needed on to address Sam's comment. - - failing Login causes automation tests to fail. - good progress is don on Upgrade webdriverio to version 5 for GrowthExperiments - upcoming events - Book club on Feb 25 - - Zeljko talk on Quality and Test Engineering Office Hour (Feb 21/2020)