Wikimedia Product Guidance

Engaging communities in the development and deployment of new software is an essential aspect of Wikimedia Foundation work. This guide aims to support Wikimedia Foundation Product Managers and others in related roles to effectively foster community participation. Created in 2019 by the Audiences (currently: Product and Technology) and Community Relations (currently: Movement Communications) teams, it summarizes years of experience and best practices. Its sections provide a checklist of the characteristics our products should have, and explore how to choose an audience, where to post product news and updates, and how to involve and seek feedback from the communities throughout the software development process.

Using these methods, the Wikimedia Foundation works to collectively build tools that support the people behind the Wikimedia projects. We hope this content proves useful, both to those involved in carrying out these responsibilities and to those looking to understand the processes we use. We hope it sheds some light on how the Wikimedia Foundation and diverse Wikimedia communities can best work together to toward the shared goal of spreading free knowledge around the globe.