Wikimedia Mobile engineering/More ideas

Other ideasEdit

  • Browsing history across devices (Readers study), might require login and profile work, or is this search or bookmarks?
  • Native search, like on iPhone
  • "Find" function for Wikipedia Mobile bugzilla:20146 High - some UX, not too hard
  • Reformatting of Portals (multiple columns formatting too wide) bugzilla:22187 High - not lock screen? not force squish, prototype
  • Support for collapsed infoboxes and tables in Mobile bugzilla:29504 High for featurephones, difficult but less than edit, Articles iPhone app research
  • Summaries - widget to screen-scrape HTML bugzilla:31612 High for featurephones - slider tool for Webkit scrapes HTML - marked as duplicate of New WAP view, bug 31714 above
  • Give projects the opportunity to add mobile specific JS/CSS bugzilla:22659 Medium - project-specific, get admin feedback, stylesheet per device
  • Support language variants (different language interfaces - same wikipedia) bugzilla:21806 Medium - do-able, related to inter-wiki language links
  • Option to permanently see mobile frontend from PC render bugzilla:29503 Medium - last part
  • Distinguish external links from internal links. bugzilla:30831 medium - CSS easy
  • Random button for Wikisource bugzilla:30902 low - easy workaround Namespace 0
  • Cleanup duplicate CSS for mobile devices bugzilla:31050 medium (good idea) - depends on the project for Admin CSS (see bug 22659 above)
  • Links to page history don't surface actual revisions bugzilla:29387 Medium - UX, same as edit history below
  • Keep home-random menu expanded after clicking random bugzilla:30842 Medium - test on devices
  • Confirm deletion of bookmarks only (not creation)
  • Multiple tabs

The following three ideas are really for the main site and mock-ups were created by Nishank, Vishvwamitra, Maharshi and Sumit from BITS:

  • Related Random using links
    • As opposed to general random, how about related random using links, both from and to
    • Results in more focused discovery
    • bugzilla:32542
  • Show relationship
    • Two terms, like names of famous people
    • Show links that connect the terms, including the sentences the terms appear in
    • bugzilla:32543
  • Ranked related links
    • Show from and to links, sorted by various ranking methods, such as:
      • Number of page views
      • Ratings (Article feedback)
      • Last edited
      • Relevance (not currently defined)
    • bugzilla:32544

Tablet app ideasEdit

  • New main site UI (see Athena)
  • Main site photo upload wizard?
  • Photo upload, photo curation
  • New Page Triage tie-ins
  • Visual Editor tie-ins

Leading app UIEdit

app overview

  • tabs
  • read later list
  • visual history using article graphics
  • find in page
  • font, brightness, color
  • arrange bookmarks in folders
  • wallpaper of latest 6 pictures of the day from Commons, see here
  • Articles app

Internal grab bagEdit

  • New Page Patrol, possible tablet app for specific tasks
  • Article rating as entry into annotation and editing
  • Annotation, private or public, separate from discussions and as entry into editing
  • Simple comments or discussion, at minimum notify Talk-page participants of replies - see Brainstorm
  • Citation entry by photo of book - see Brainstorm
  • Voice input search, aka Apple demo (possibly no work required)
  • Wiktionary and WikiNews

India and Brazil researchEdit

  • Summaries - High for featurephones, see "New WAP view" above
  • More media - yes, but not heavy - see Featured Pictures above
  • Editing - or entry points into editing
  • Language detection - see above
  • Handset detection (already implemented)

App features wishlistEdit

Wikimedia Mobile engineering/imported/Mobile projects/App Features & Roadmap


  • Share this – maybe clickable links in browser on iOS
  • Patrol a new article, could be suggested by the app - complex, Brandon
  • Add comment on discussion page – using newsection edit is simple
  • Community Portal – learn more about Wikipedia, Things to do, RSS feed of The Signpost
  • Editors near you - complex
  • Landing page - based on Last news + On this day + Featured article + Pic of the day + Media of the day - complex?
  • Related articles, leaving genuine links to external articles - External links - low
  • Limit searches and browsing to pages of certain quality - no good UI, not all languages - complex
  • Edit profile – auto-input from device info, insert user banners as gallery?, auto location update, auto update of “Pictures I have loaded from my device”


  • SuggestBot to suggest a mobile task - comm dev, based on past contributions
  • LiquidThreads integration

Wikimedia servicesEdit

  • Bookmark for device pre-install - in progress
  • Search API
  • Share API for upload to Commons - part of upload
  • Accounts and OAuth API - and OpenID, both require SSL on mobile - Medium

Mobile site wishlistEdit

  • View edit history - time, username, edit, then diff (basic diff appears now), clear workflow to see edits
  • Community – Signpost, Village Pump, Article trending, meetups near me - hackathon
  • API usage data and traffic through large mirrors like Facebook (open RFP) - platform, tokens, not so complex but time-consuming

Mobile site testing feedbackEdit


  • Move “Mobile View” to top - UX needed
  • Increase line-height - CSS percentage, test across devices, UX
  • Keys for navigation - not complex, some UX
  • Content lists non-touch - ?
  • Thumbnail to screen width, or inline if screen is more than 300 pixels wide - UX, store in some standard sizes
  • Mobile editing UI - complex, Trevor, Ines, Brion
  • Change table.metadata to metadata - bugzilla:31510

iPhone appEdit

  • Feature parity with Android app
  • Disable the automatic download of the featured article when launching Wikipedia Mobile for iPhone?
    • Why this would lose utility for no clear benefit.
  • When you clear the history and immediately exit the app and close it (by opening multitasking, holding the icon and tapping the cross), the next time you open the app the history is still there.
    • PhoneGap-based app has no facility to clear history.
  • Also not really a bug (I think), but a bit annoying nonetheless: the homepage gets added to the history as well. Could you consider not doing this anymore? I thought this was the behavior in old versions.
    • Could consider it... actually that would mean you'd lose the main page from back/forward behavior and restoration from previous run. Seems like that would be negative?
  • App crashes on launch with iOS 4.2.2 (need to check)
    • Old app or new app? New app is unrelated, so any crash won't be the same. New app may or may not be able to run on iOS 4.2 at all; currently requires web browser features new in iOS 5.0.
  • If you change the language from Dutch in to English the problem is gone the app is working, when you go back to Dutch the app is not working (iOS 5.1)
    • Old app or new app? Such problems in old app presumably would not transfer automatically to the new app. New app needs to be tested to ensure that localization works.