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Global Collaboration report - January 2018
Language report January 2018
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Monthly updates from the Wikimedia Language team about changes to internationalization and translation and other language support features. Names of people assumed to contribute as volunteers are in bold text.


Content TranslationEdit

Content Translation allows people to translate Wikipedia articles. Also check out out the newsletter.

  • Gray links in interlanguage area, which serve as Content Translation entry point, are no longer displaying current wiki on wikis with language variants (T138494)
  • Better IE11 browser support:
    • Fix icons being too small (T173060)
    • Remove "clear button" from input fields (T173060)
    • Fix refresh button being too heigh (T173060)
    • Make translation view accessible (T187056)
    • Fix 'source > target' language meta info position on suggestion list (T173060)
  • Fix conflict info message overlap with sidebar (T187144)
  • Tool name (e.g. "Content Translation") will be displayed sooner to improve responsiveness (T186871)
  • Better keyboard support for the "New translation" dialog (T186195)
    • When "New translation" button in focused, pressing Enter key on keyboard opens the dialog.
    • When "New translation" dialog is opened, pressing Esc key will close the dialog.
    • Close suggestion item dialog when Esc key is pressed.
    • After article for translation is chosen (by searching or choosing one of suggested items) focus "New translation" button, so pressing Enter starts the translation process.
    • Make language filters on Content Translation dashboard keyboard accessible.

Usage dataEdit

Content Translation monthly data February 2018
Articles created (during the month) 8430
Articles created till end of month 288,285
Number of new translators (during the month) 887
Highest number of articles created by one user

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Highest number of translators for a Wikipedia

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with only 1 published article

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with only 2 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with only 3 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with only 4 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with >= 5 and < 20 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with >= 20 and < 100 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with >= 100 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Articles deleted (during the month) 551


Wikimedia's software is translated to hundreds of languages using the Translate extension for MediaWiki. In addition it is used to translate help pages, newsletters, policies, announcements, banners, etc. It is installed on Wikimedia special projects, and many other sites. Translate is part of MLEB.

  • User Umherirrender improved code hygiene.
  • User Fomafix removed some obsolete code.
  • Brian Wolff fixed an issue that prevented OAuth apps from doing translations.
  • Derick N. Alangi made it possible to have multiline page translation variables. T70451
  • Marco Aurelio made FuzzyBot description available in all languages. T44261

Usage dataEdit

  • Translatable pages: Meta 4332; 3638; Commons 735 [1][2][3]
  • Translate extension is installed on 210 wikis Wikiapiary

Universal Language SelectorEdit

Universal Language Selector provides language selector, list of suggested languages, input methods and web fonts. It is part of MLEB.

Changes to translations and equivalent localisation data (magic words, namespace names) are not included in this list. The volunteer translators are updating translations every day to keep up with changes.

Other extensionsEdit

Babel (part of MLEB):

  • Kunal Mehta improved unit test code.

cldr (Common Locale Data Repository) (part of MLEB):

  • Kunal Mehta improved unit test code.

CleanChanges (part of MLEB):

  • No noteworthy changes.

LocalisationUpdate (part of MLEB):

  • Kunal Mehta improved unit test code and added test coverage.


  • Marco Aurelio updated unit test registration to use the standard method.

MediaWiki Language Extension BundleEdit

No bundle was released this month. Next bundle is planned for April.

MediaWiki core internationalizationEdit

Project MilkshakeEdit

Project Milkshake consists of four re-usable jquery internationalization libraries.


  • No changes.


  • Niklas Laxström improved code dealing with language redirects when showing search results.
  • Santhosh Thottingal replaced some jQuery method calls with native JavaScript methods.
  • Petar Petković made jquery.uls responsive to screen size.
  • Santhosh Thottingal updated the language selector icon.


  • No changes.


  • Santhosh made an official 0.2.0 release.


See also news page.


  • About 90 (-5) new users
  • About 330 (-55) translators made about 54k (-21k) edits
  • About 105 (+10) translators reviewed about 22k (-3k) translations

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


  • Santhosh Thottingal improved accessibility of the ULS trigger.

Deployments and other site related updatesEdit

  • Matxin MT support was added (T186204)

Cross team work/requirementsEdit

  • Niklas Laxström assisted with CE Insights survey translation process.
  • Language Team advices the new Wikimedia Foundation website project about translation.

Language Team updatesEdit

  • Pau and Amir attended the prehackathon event in Olot. The event was dedicated to working on internationalization issues and preparing more thorough work for the main hackathon. Some achievements:
    • Pau created designs for integrating language proofing tools into Content Translation.
    • Pau and Amir worked on improving the integration of Apertium into Content Translation and Wikidata.
    • Amir started triaging the i18n Phabricator board. It had over 1000 completely unsorted tasks, and now it starts to be sorted into over 20 groups. This will make it easier to start prioritizing and resolving them, as planned work, as volunteer tasks, or as hackathon tasks.