Wikimedia Language engineering/Code review statement of intent

This document describes our (Wikimedia Language team) agreed upon intentions for code review on the extensions we maintain. This document applies to all patches (or pull requests) excluding those marked with WIP (work in progress).

This intent is active since May 2016 and last updated May 2019. However, a backlog exists, which we are trying to reduce to zero over time.

Included repositoriesEdit

Following repositories are currently included.

  • Translate (part of MLEB)
  • UniversalLanguageSelector (part of MLEB)
  • ContentTranslation
  • cxserver
  • cldr (part of MLEB)
  • LocalisationUpdate (part of MLEB)

Excluded repositoriesEdit

The following repositories are currently left out, even though they have connections to the Language team. Urgent patches to these repositories are dealt case by case basis and other patches are reviewed when they fit our priorities or if time permits.

  • MediaWiki core (i18n)
  • Babel (part of MLEB)
  • CleanChanges (part of MLEB)
  • TranslationNotifications
  • TranslateSVG
  • Interwiki
  • TwnMainPage
  • jquery.uls (GitHub)
  • jquery.ime (GitHub)
  • jquery.webfonts (GitHub)
  • jquery.i18n (GitHub)

Our intentEdit

Our intent is to:

  1. Give initial review or re-review after patch has been updated within 10 days. Travels, vacations etc. are valid reasons to temporarily exceed this time.
  2. If patch is waiting for updates for more than one month, we should ping the author and notify about this process.
  3. If patch is waiting for updates for more than three months, we can abandon the patch (there are other reasons for abandoning patches, this is not the only one).
  4. If patch is waiting for updates, we might decide to finish the patch ourselves.
  5. Update this page if we change our policy.