Wikimedia Labs/Interface usability improvement project

Admin APIEdit

  1. Bug 47515: Add access to nova's admin api from OpenStackManager
  2. Bug 47516: List quotas in Special:NovaProject

Project listingEdit

  1. Bug 42583: Add jquery chosen module for project filter
  2. Bug 46812: Set project filter with the jquery cookie module

Content organizationEdit

  1. Bug 46088: Move project pages into the main namespace
  2. Bug 46089: Add Nova_Resource pages for security groups
  3. Bug 46090: Add Nova_Resource pages for sudo policies

The war on clicksEdit

Many actions in the interface take way too many clicks to access. There's a number of things we can do to reduce clicks:

  1. Bug 44174: Remove "are you sure" steps from places it isn't necessary
  2. Bug 44175: Combine role and project membership into a single interface
  3. Bugs 44176, 44177: Add an API and make a combined javascript interface
  4. Bugs 45455, 45456: Have shell requests marked as uncompleted or completed by checking if the user is in the shell group and if they are blocked.


Vector leaves something to be desired. Change the default skin.