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17 - 19 May, 2019 | Prague


Participants ListEdit

Add yourself to the Participants list!

Mentoring ProgramEdit

A lightweight mentoring program, buddy program, and a newcomer track will be included in this years program. Newcomers to Wikimedia and Wikimedia technology are very welcome at this event and we will update this page with more information on how to participate.

For now, details about last year's mentoring program can be found here: Wikimedia Hackathon 2018/Mentoring Program. We will follow a similar model with some changes.

Friendly Space TeamEdit

The hackathon is a harassment free welcoming space. We will have a designated team of folks assigned to help with anything any participants would like to discuss or report.

Organizing TeamEdit

Three steps to prepare for the hackathonEdit

~~ Not all links are complete - this section will continue to be updated ~~

Step 1: Review DocumentationEdit


This is the main wiki-page for the event: Wikimedia Hackathon 2019

There are 6 sub pages in total that you should review and read through all the links:

  • Program: schedule of sessions and events, learn how to schedule sessions of your own. Review our mentoring program page [update link], especially if you are a newcomer or a mentor!
  • Venue & Prague: Photos and maps of the venue, descriptions of the rooms, details about the hotel and city.
  • Travel: General transportation and visa information
  • Participants: an editable list of all the participants and information about each participant, different ways to volunteer at the event, our organizing team, our sponsors.


During the hackathon, we use the web-based, software development collaboration tool suite Phabricator. (Learn more about Phabricator.)

This is the main work-board: where you can view possible projects, sessions, skill shares and other hackathon activities. You can add a task to the work-board by going to that task, clicking the "Add Action…" dropdown, choosing "Change Project Tags", type the Hackathon's project tag, choosing it from the autocompletion offers, and clicking the "Submit" button. Feel also free to set yourself as the assignee of that task if you 'feel responsible' that task: Click the "Add Action…" dropdown, choose "Assign / Claim", type your user name, choose it from the autocompletion offers, and click the "Submit" button.

Step 2: Connect & SetupEdit

  • Join our Telegram Group Chat: To enhance the social experience among participants, we have created a Telegram Group Chat "Wikimedia Hackathon" @wmhack. Anyone can join via this link:

Step 3: Meet & IntroduceEdit

  • Add yourself to the Participant List. If you are already on it, please check again and edit accordingly. Add or edit:
    • your name / nickname
    • your contact details (website, github, twitter, etc.) and your experience with programming and your interests for the weekend! (E.g.: I have experience with Python, and am interested in working on a project about Wikidata for the weekend).  
    • If you are a newcomer who would like to to join the mentoring program, write "YES" in the according column
  • Introduce yourself on Telegram and IRCconnect — just say hi!
  • Ask any remaining questions on Telegram and IRC, contact other participants directly or contact the team via
  • Subscribe to any hackathon related Phabricator tasks you might be interested or create your own task.
  • Check out our event focus areas. Read about them, contact the topic organizers and sign up!
  • Choose a task to work on at the hackathon from the list of projects in our New Developers guide.

Volunteer GroupsEdit

We organize and co-create this event together with the help of all of the participants. If you see something to improve or a way that you can help please let us know and we will work with you!

During registration all participants opted in or out to help organizers volunteer in many different capacities at the event. You are welcome to join in to help at any point and there is no issue with opting out if you feel like you have taken on too much.

More details about getting involved in official volunteering program will be added here soon! For now, here are the options.

  • Event photography: Take photos during the hackathon and uploading them to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Event blogging: Publishing your personal experiences and impression of the hackathon.
  • Event host: As a host, please approach other participants proactively, especially at social events and during mealtime - make sure that nobody feels left out just because he or she doesn’t know many other participants yet.
  • Technical help desk: take a physical shift at the technical help desk, which is a location where newcomers and those that need technical help can come and ask their questions.
  • Technical/design/translation help: Be on a list of people that participants of the hackathon can ask for help from. You will get to indicate which areas you know about and people with questions about topics in those areas will know to come and find you.
  • Documentation: Go around the event and help make sure people's work and projects are being recorded so that others can track what happened at the hackathon.
  • Showcase sign-ups: Help encourage other participants to sign up for the showcase
  • General event organization help: be on a list of people that organizers can approach for help with something comes up that needs doing!
  • Newcomer friendly sessions: I will willing to run an informational session or small group training on a skill!
  • Newcomer buddy: some newcomers will request to have a "social buddy" to help introduce them around the event. Perfect for Wikimedians who have been to multiple past hackathons.
  • A/V and/or IT: technical infrastructure help with audio visual equipment. Both setting it up and or trouble shooting issues.
  • Pre-event Wiki formatting: organizers will reach out as needed
  • Fun: bring something fun to share with other participants