Wikimedia Hackathon 2018/Intro to Rust

I (Tobias1984 (talk)) have been using Rust for 1/2 a year now and would like to show other new Rustanceans how to get up and running.

The introduction will feature:

  • Install the most recent version of Rust using Rustup
  • Install useful tools using Cargo (ripgrep, exa, ...)
  • Starting libraries and programs using Cargo
  • How to manage dependencies from
  • If time permits we will start a simple command line tool (with clap). That means you might learn a little bit about the core Rust concepts.

How to prepare

  • Bring a laptop with a text editor and your choice of warm beverage.

What do you have to know

  • Where the room is
  • What type of warm beverage you like

Time & Location

  • Sala de projectes (QC0011) 9:00 - 10:00



Sign below if you are interested:

Steps done in the group

  1. Go to and execute the shell script
  2. See if "cargo" works in the terminal
  3. We installed ripgrep "cargo install ripgrep"
  4. We installed exa: "cargo install exa"
  5. We looked at for other packages
  6. We installed wkdr "cargo install wkdr"
  7. Talked about Rayon:
  8. We started a binary project "cargo init"
  9. Looked at the Cargo.toml
  10. Added clap to the dependencies ( – the current version is 2.31.2)
  11. We run "cargo update" to get the dependencies and write the cargo.lock file
  12. Talked about lifetimes, ownership, borrowing, zero-cost-abstractions.
  13. Talked about Reference counted variable (Rc, mutex)



Counted: 15