Wikimedia Hackathon 2018/Language support

We would like to gather people interested in translation tools, multilingualism and other linguistic technologies and create a track around it.

Work from the pre-hackathon in Olot edit

Design explorations illustrating ideas discussed during the Pre-hackathon in Olot.



Possible work areas for Barcelona edit

These are some areas that could be of interest for the hackathon. Please check the linked Phabricator tickets to get more details or share any comments.

  • Learn about machine translation possibilities (T194353). A session on Saturday about how you can use machine translation in your projects.
  • Prototype mobile translation ideas (T192067). Design solutions for a fluent and engaging way to contribute for new editors on mobile by translating. Help build prototypes to validate these ideas.
  • Support translation lists (T188634). Implement a solution to allow translators to keep their translations of choice in a list for organising their work in Content Translation.
  • Facilitate selecting articles to translate (T105130). Make the dialog to start a new translation in Content translation to be as flexible as possible.
  • Find missing articles in a given area of interest (T113257). Extend the current list of suggested articles in Content Translation for users to pic a specific category to get suggestions for.
  • Notify translators about incomplete translations (T106693). Encourage users to continue their translations.
  • Improve category suggestions for translations (T109276 and T135727). Suggest relevant categories when users try to add categories to their translation, based on parent categories and/or HotCat recommendations