Wikimedia Hackathon 2018/Budget

WARNING: This is an initial budget proposal based on current estimations. Susceptible to further changes.

Previous budgets edit

Proposal edit

Costs to be advanced to Amical but recuperated as income from participants payments. Amical will return these funds to WMF.

Expenditures Item Description Total EUR Total USD
Hotel 2 hotels pre-booked 42.000

Event budget edit

Expenditures Item Description Total EUR Total USD
Hotel Approximate cost of hotel rooms for Amical staff (added by Rachel for accounting purposes) 2.000
Bus Shuttle bus service between faculties and hotels 6.000
Meals Lunch and dinner at the venue 30.000
Material & merchandise T-shirts, transport of existing stuff from Vienna, etc. 2.000
Venue costs Security and cleaning services during nights and weekends 2.000
Social activities Leisure and party activities for Friday and Saturday 5.000
Volunteer and travel reimbursement Costs of personal transportation, meetings, etc. Based on Jerusalem event 1.500
Costs to be further categorized Prehackatons (venues, support, food), other third-parties, etc. 10.000
TOTAL 58.500

Scholarship budget edit

Expenditures Item Description Total EUR Total USD
Scholarships Total scholarship budget provided by WMF $20,000

WMF will subtract costs of scholarship hotel rooms for total scholarship amount when transferring funds for scholarships

Scholarship funds will need to be requested in a separate invoice.

Payment Timeline & Invoices edit

Proposed payment timeline

Dec 23: advance for hotel downpayment

Feb 26: remaining payment

Feb 26: Scholarship payment

Final accounting sent to WMF: within 30 days of May 22

Amical to reimburse WMF for any unspent / remaining funds: Upon receipt of invoice from WMF

Comments edit

  • Invoices will need to be submitted to WMF 15-30 days in advance of all payments
  • Separate invoices will be needed for