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FlorianSW Volunteer developer for MediaWiki core, MobileFrontend and some other interesting stuff. Contact me via IRC in #wikimedia-dev, #wikimedia-mobile and others as FlorianSW or via Special:EmailUser/Florianschmidtwelzow
Martin Rulsch (DerHexer)

Wikimedia Steward, WMDE

Wikimedia Steward, WMDE, RevisionSlider, Community Wishlist
-jkb- note: user name is -jkb-, see
Maarten Dammers


GLAM / Heritage / Bots / Wikidata
Merlijn van Deen


Labs / Tool Labs / Pywikibot. I will be happy to assist people getting started with either. Tools & Labs Help Desk Find me at the table with the Labs unicorn plushie or on irc (#wikimedia-labs, valhallasw)
Bryan Davis (bd808) MediaWiki-Vagrant, Labs, Tool Labs Tools & Labs Help Desk, MediaWiki-Vagrant Install party Find me at the table with the Labs unicorn plushie or on irc (#wikimedia-labs, bd808)
Vera / 1Veertje Geek, Wiki Loves Monuments dev., Photographer
Sumit Computer science student volunteering for MediaWiki mainly core and Mobile Web. Interested to know and explore more and help out with MediaWiki development stuff. Will be my first hackathon, looking forward to meet and hack with the Wikimedia Community.
Tom (Bomarrow1)(tarrow) Source-metadata, Librarybase, Open Science
Rashiq Ahmad Zahid

Kiwix Developer

Core Developer at Kiwix. Android Developer for Microsoft Germany in part-time. CS student at TU Berlin in full-time.
Danny B.

making contributing easier

Accessibility, Usability, User-friendliness
Markus Glaser (mglaser)

MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group

MediaWiki for 3rd parties, BlueSpice
Guilherme Gonçalves

Newbie tool developer

I develop the Citation Hunt tool (, which was used and very positively received during the #1Lib1Ref campaign. I'm interested in enhancing it further, adding support for more languages and incorporating user feedback.

Given that I'm very new to the community, it would be great to use the Hackathon as a way to introduce myself to other developers, learn about other tools and about how to make better use of the resources I'll need (such as the Tools Labs infrastructure, or relevant libraries and related tools) going forward with my own tool. IRC: ggp on #wmhack


Twitter: @eggpi

Sergey Leschina


Administrator of Russian Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, organizer of WLM Russia and OTRS volunteer. Developer of modules and scripts in Russian Wikipedia.

(Sam Reed)

Addshore (Adam) Wikidata, Wikibase, TCB-Team (WMDE), German Technical Wishlist, Mediawiki, CatWatch, Watchlist expiry, Huggle

English Wikipedia & Wikidata admin.

GCI & GSOC mentor.

Special:EmailUser/Addshore / IRC
TONY THOMAS newsletter, bouncehandler
Isaac Hutt I was a Google Code In student username: mhutti1


Developer of AutoWikiBrowser
Thomas Tanon


Wikidata, Wikisource and MediaWiki
Manuel Schneider


conference Wifi, video editing server, internet archive collaboration
Petr Bena / Petrb / petan Wikimedia labs / wm-bot / huggle
Strainu Pywikibot & Commons
Coren / Marc-André Pelletier Labs Wrangler

Newsletter extension

UI, Newsletter extension


MediaWiki skins, extensions, frontend design Collaboration Kit (a contenthandler extension;
Felipe Schenone

Extensions and gadgets

Wikipedian, freelance MediaWiki developer, WikiWidgets project, ProveIt gadget "page" parameter for <ref> tags ( You can contact me via my userpage
Jakub Kaniewski Social Mapping, WebGIS, historical maps on Wikipedia, Wikivoyage
Tyler Romeo / Parent5446
Kaity Hammerstein Android app, iOS app
Andre Klapper Volunteer onboarding; Issue tracking (Phabricator); Technical Community Metrics
Amir E. Aharoni

אמיר א׳ אהרוני

MediaWiki multi-language support developer
mobrovac The Services Guy
Aaron Schulz MediaWiki backend & performance
Ori Livneh [[:en:Ori Livneh]] / Performance Engineer Performance team
Jdforrester (James F.)

Product lead, Editing Department

Product lead, Editing Department
Niharika Kohli Admin tools, Bots, Community Tech
Shai Katz, Education Coordinator, WMIL Education Coordinator, WMIL
Jon Robson Mobile guru
Dan Garry I'm interested in search, discovery, mobile apps, admin/functionary tools, and tons of other stuff!
Max Binder Scrum Master with the Team Practices Group

irc: maxbinder


Itzik Edri

Chairperson, Wikimedia Israel

Quim Gil Community engagement and collaboration. Developer outreach.
Ed Sanders, WMF


Bryan Davis (bd808) MediaWiki-Vagrant, Puppet, Tool Labs
Brad Jorsch (Anomie)
Andrew Bogott I'm in the Operations team, working on Wikimedia Labs.
Danny Horn -- WMF Community Tech team Product Manager of WMF's Community Tech team
Ido Ivri / AlleyCat80 Javascript & a little-bit of python
Roan Kattouw

Collaboration team (WMF)

Collaboration team lead

Nick Wilson

Community Liaison, Collaboration, Editing, Design
Dmitry Brant


Android product owner / developer. Particularly interested in developing apps to simplify editing, microcontributions, administration, moderation, uploading to Commons, etc. Need an idea for a feature to work on? Check out our "master task" that encompasses hackathon-worthy mobile app features. Find me on #wikimedia-mobile
Aaron Halfaker

[[User:EpochFail]] / halfak

Science, Machine learning, Sociology, Online communities
  • m:ORES (Machine Learning as a service)
  • MediaWiki utilities (simple, sharp tools for working with MediaWiki for python)
  • Behavioral science projects of Wikimedia stuff
commons:Category:Aaron Halfaker I'm 'halfak' on IRC. I'll be in #wmhack.
Stephane Bisson
Julien Interactive content - Maps, Graphs - UI/UX, Front End, Mobile

Benoît Evellin / Trizek (WMF)

Community liaison

Community liaison
Gilles WMF Performance team Allow uploading of 3D files to Wikimedia Commons This is a top 20 task and not a top 10, but it's the task I can see myself being the most productive on in the context of the hackathon.
Faidon Liambotis


Siebrand Mazeland, cycling, a lot more.
Brion Vibber MediaWiki arch & future, multimedia, and crazy experiments! / Jerusalem room -- guy in red polo shirt with beard brion in #wmhack channel on
Gergő (Tgr) Software engineer in WMF Reading. Interested in: DX, multimedia, article quality & verifiability, lots of other things
Asaf Bartov (User:Ijon)

WMF; Wikidata; Ruby; Bibliography

Tool builder. Interested in API, Wikidata, Ruby, Labs. workboard 1.13 Eilat (downstairs, opposite the coffee station)
Dror Kamir, Linguist, WMIL volunteer
Amanda Bittaker

WMF Learning & Evaluation

Chen Davidi-Almog

Activity and Resources Coordinator Wikimedia Israel

Michal Lester WMIL
Elena Tonkovidova I am interested in efficient and effective QA methods(automated & manual), so users, community, developers, project managers would have delightful experience while participating or contributing to wiki projects.
Rachel Farrand

Adorabutton / Rfarrand (WMF)

One of the hackathon organizers! You can find me at the event help desk! IRC: rfarrand


Dana Dekel (Danalif)


I like to contribute in: Wiki's projects, content, education and fundraising.
Moriel מוריאל

I think Right-to-Left

Working in the Collaboration team, interested in Right-to-Left support and oojs-ui integration

interactive graphs and maps

Maps, Graphs, Data, Zero
Stas Malyshev

Programmer, WMF

Current projects: Wikidata Query Service, improving Mediawiki search and integrating data across Wikimedia projects. Interests: Wikidata, Mediawiki core architecture improvement. SMalyshev on IRC or
FIRST LINE: Johan Jönsson SECOND LINE: Johan (WMF) / Julle Community Liaison at the Wikimedia Foundation, working with the Community Tech team. Talk to me if you want to know how to talk to the Wikimedia communities about new software.
aude Wikidata, search, maps/geo, lua, watchlist/recent changes
Jonas Kress
Val Felso
Gabriel Birke Technical Wishlist Germany, Fundraising infrastructure Centralize interwiki language links for Wiktionary Twitter: @chiborg
Claudia Garad, Executive Director Wikimedia Österreich Hackathon organization
Lucie-Aimée Kaffee


Wikidata, Wikibase, ArticlePlaceholder, SPARQL, ArticlePlaceholder In the yard, in the shadow Come talk to me, frimelle @#wmhack or #wikidata

Twitter: @frimelle

Birgit Müller

Wikimedia Deutschland
James Hare (Harej) On-wiki collaboration, product design, UX
Christoph Fischer


(German) Technical-Wishlist, Watchlist Expiry, DeepCat, Phragile, Fundraising-Dev Special:EmailUser/Christoph_Fischer_(WMDE) CFisch_WMDE @ #wikimedia-de-tech
Samir Elsharbaty, Wikimedian Wikimedian
Daniel Kinzler (WMDE)

Wikidata, ArchCom

Wikidata, Architecture Committee
André Costa / Lokal_Profil

Wikimedia Sverige

WLM migration to Wikidata, GLAM, Wikidata, Commons Cultural Heritage, Open Badges, Wikispeech Twitter: @Lokal_Profil
Jakob Warkotsch

Wikimedia Deutschland

Created Phragile, a tool for agile projects on Phabricator
Jean-Fred Monuments, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, GLAM, Impact measurement and metrics
Ralf Roletschek SMW
Pierre Boutet, Co-founder of Provide a 'user watchlist'

IRC : pyro853 on #wmhack
Philip Kopetzky Quarry, Metrics
Jens Ohlig

Wikimedia Deutschland

Sandra Müllrick

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.

Lydia Pintscher


Adam Matan I'm a Python/Linux developer, with experience with GIS and big-SQL data. Like open source and Wikimedia.
Solomon Adir


iMonstrik Software Engineer
Alona Livneh Student, translator, teacher
Avner Kantor Data Scientist
Gavrie Philipson
Ran Yitzhaki software developer
Chaim Cohen Chaim Cohen is a developer advocate, content strategy director, information architect active in promoting the Web as a vehicle that enhances human communication where information & useful connections are more easily revealed. Trained as a Neuro-developmental Psychologist and as a FullStack web developer, Chaim develops and provides cutting-edge innovative educational and therapeutic services designed to improve the quality of life for people challenged with disabilities while effecting social change by breaking down the barriers preventing them from full societal integration.

Trained in FrontEnd (LESS.js, HTML 5, CSS3, ECMA6 Harmony), Watson/AlchemyAPI, Intel RealSense, IBM Bluemix, Google Next & Microsoft Azure Cloud platforms. Expertise Iot/Wearable technologies for people with mental/physical challenges and in Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) strategies, guidelines, and resources to help make the Web accessible to people with disabilities, including Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0, User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 2.0 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Bar Harel \n [[User:Bharel]]
Ori Hoogi
Hasan Khweis

Jerusalem, IL

i can help you, but i need specific thing to do. (Job. educator)
Davi d Author and musician
Sid Slivko, Resource Education, Research, History, Art, Immortality -- and the use of technology in all of the above.
Elizabeth Grace Frank-Backman (Beth)

Medical Software Developer

Developer of software for management and analysis of personal medical data.
Ortal Nizri
Yael Ukeles Product Marketing, UI Design, Web Development.
Dror S. (@FreedomFighterSparrow) כל-זכות

Shlez I enjoy diving :)
Elad Keyshawn
Ali Abed

علي عابد

Alon Mannor C developer
Eranroz ערן MediaWiki, pywikibot, gadgets
Eyal Mor
Android Developer Android developer. Eager to learn new things.
Roee Aharoni

Bar Ilan University

Ravid Ziv
Omer Viner
Ramzy Samman
Jamal Meteor, web/mobile development
Yan Nasonov (Ynhockey)

Wikimedia Israel

Manuel Nemirovsky
Eyal merhavi
Roman Smirnov


Math, physics, and computer science geek.
Osher Yalon
Dror Shenhav All around player
Tzafrir Cohen, Israel Hebrew Wikipedia editor, programmer
Farah Jack Mustaklem (@FJMUSTAK)

Ben Elazar

Technion BSc graduate in computer engineering. software engineer in Adallom (Acquired by Microsoft recently). 4 years of development experience.

Working mainly on Java and designing cloud infrastructure.

Dr. Valery Golender Evangelist of semantic technologies
Oren Bochman I mostly do data-science with wikipedia dumps and directly on the dbase
Olga / Programmer Professional programmer, software designer
Inbal Valigany Msc at Weizmann Institute
Salah masalha


Omer Dolev, Hebrew University of Jerusalem I'm a current CS student, really interested in Data-driven apps and product design.
Eyal Reuven

The National Library of Israel

Eliyahu "Eli" Skoczylas

Jerusalemite, Wikimedia newbie

An expatriate American who's spent decades living in the Jerusalem area, I'll gladly help with local issues if I can.
Dafna H

Jerusalemite, Wikimedia newbie

Homo sapiens.
User:ClemFlip Owner at, a mediawiki site for DIY tutorials to learn how to make anything.

I can help on frontend developers, UX design and project management during the hackathon.

I use whatapp during my stay in Jerusalem : 00 33 6 42 49 78 13

@Twitter : wiki_fab

Mail :