Wikimedia Engineering/2014-15 Goals/Q4

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Context: Our top objective for the April-June quarter is to progressively release VisualEditor on the English Wikipedia. This is a major software release with significant risks, and consistent with its importance and expected long term impact, we are declaring this as the only top priority for the quarter. Everyone in the engineering/product organization will be called upon to support it as needed.

Objective Key result Dependency ETA Status
Improve the editing experience for new and anonymous users on the English Wikipedia by giving them VisualEditor Maintain VisualEditor production service at our quality criteria:
  • No loss/corruption of existing article data
  • No loss/corruption of the user's contribution
  • No security issues
  • No regression in performance
  • No regression in usability
  • Data Research team
  • User Research team
  • Analytics Engineering team
  • Parsing team
  • Services team
  • Community department
  • Team Practices Group
  • Communications department
June 2015 Yes Done
Run a test for new accounts on the English Wikipedia, providing VisualEditor by default to measure the impact. April 2015

June 2015

Yes Done
[Contingent on previous result.]

Gradual ramp-up of VisualEditor availability on the English Wikipedia for new users, starting from 5% increasing to 100%.

Timing to follow from previous result.

Next quarter.

N Delayed
[Contingent on previous result.]

VisualEditor default availability on the English Wikipedia for anonymous users.

Timing to follow from previous result.

Next quarter.

N Delayed