Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Maps retrospective 2016-06-30


This retrospective was conducted using the "Five finger retrospective" format.

Action Items from last monthEdit

  • Yuri: create a longer-term roadmap/vision
    • Discussions happened; needs to be written up. New action item created below.
  • Max: investigate making puppet manifests more self-sufficient
    • Mostly done; waiting for Guillaume to wrap it up
  • Guillaume: upload (documentation) diagrams to commons
    • Not done, will do. Action item added below.
  • Guillaume: restart conversations about opening up rights on production boxes
    • I'm not actually ready for this conversation yet... It will come, but later
  • Kevin: Create phab task to improve Elastic Search GeoData tests
  • Kevin: Send email reminder about meeting more frequently but shorter
    • DONE (sent 2016-06-07)
  • Chris: write a draft of "what we learned" from interactive maps conversations

What happened since the last retro (June 6)Edit

  • Wikimania
  • wv rollouts
  • GeoShapes

Thumb: Thumbs up--something that went wellEdit

  • Code is improving rapidly!
  • Launched ENwv, RUwv, community is experimenting at DEwv, FRwv
  • Got GeoShapes semi-production
  • Team is collaborating rather than fighting :)
  • Yuri handling the conversation on WikiVoyage regarding Maps (50+ replies!)
  • Feeling to be working FOR and WITH the community +++
  • Announcing on the community traveller's pub was very efficient to get feedback, bugs, feature requests (< hard to track all the bullets and sync the phab tickets, onwiki discussions and actual live deployments all together).
  • Front end code got a large refactor, WV implementation code also got (is getting) a large refactor. Cleaning it was exhausting but now puts us in a much better state for adding and maintaining features. ++
  • Good rework on the productionizing! (Жульен & Max)

Index finger: The ONE thing you want people to know (about how this team has functioned over the last month)Edit

Middle finger: Something that did not go wellEdit

  • Every little change with ops requires a week-long discussion
    • Concerns about balance between autonomy and top-down control
    • Would prefer isolated maps servers to avoid concerns about impacting other services
    • We are in a confrontational relation with Ops. This needs to change, but I'm not really sure how. I'm sure there is work to do on both side though...
  • Checking participants' calendars before scheduling meetings
    • (This was in reference to a recent case of double-booking)
  • hard to track all the bullets and sync the phab tickets, onwiki discussions and actual live deployments all together (copied from "thumb" above)
    • CL could track and manage the wiki conversation, and make sure actions become phab tickets
    • Chris did great managing the dialog with community earlier...the work continues, and Julien is feeling pressure to do (some/all) of it
    • Would be great to have Chris officially assigned to geohack work

Ring finger: Something about relationships--within the team, between teams, otherEdit

  • You all might not see it much, but having a team of liaisons I (Chris) can talk to is like having a (small) army behind our work :) ++
  • It is sometimes hard to collaborate with other teams (e.g. outside Discovery) simply because everyone is busy with their own thing
    • We should be slightly more proactive working with other teams
    • Re-reading SoS notes helps. Should doing so be mandatory?
  • Do we have any clue of the content (and purpose) of Katherine's keynote at State of the Maps US?
    • Not to my knowledge, Yuri will try to talk to Juliet
    • Yuri need to prepare his own presentation

Pinky: A little thing that would be easy to overlookEdit

  • I really appreciate Alex Stinson's input on how the GLAM folks could use Maps. We should keep examples of uses cases in mind (always).

Action itemsEdit

  • Kevin: Invite Guillaume to next maps retro
  • Yuri: Publish long-term maps roadmap
  • Julien: Make sure work progresses on the State of the Maps presentation
  • Julien: Follow up on documentation improvements
  • Guillaume: upload (documentation) diagrams to commons (carried over)
  • Kevin will schedule a meeting to discuss ops/maps relationship
  • Kevin will schedule a meeting with Yuri and Chris to figure out wiki conversation <-> phab tasks
  • Kevin: Propose making reading SoS notes "strongly encouraged"
  • Yuri might email Discovery asking for examples of maps uses that he could cite in the presentation