Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Maps retrospective 2016-03-22

Discovery Maps (and Graphs) ("Interactive Team") Retrospective


What has happenedEdit

Covering whatever has happened related to the team since the last retro (2016-02-22)

  • Lila left; Katherine interim ED
  • Julien joined the team
  • Quarterly/annual planning
  • Huge support for Maps from other teams
  • Hardware is still on hold
  • Wikivoyage
    • Significant feedback from Wikivoyage
  • Dynamic graphs
    • Some minor Graphs feedback

Review previous action itemsEdit

  • Dan will schedule a conversation about long-term maps plans
    • Tomasz will take this off his plate
  • Chris: could be another blog post here (graphing pageviews)
    • Not done; see action items below

What went well?Edit

  • Getting stuff done, a lot of it
    • Lean structure; few distractions
    • Bazaar rather than cathedral; moved quickly; incremental and test-based
  • Lots of support from other teams
    • Reading and Editing have been giving huge support; expressing great interest
    • Reading has been more of an expression of support so far
    • Volker said he would coordinate his work with Julien; Yuri's not aware of current status
  • Max has been able to focus on maps (almost no portal work for last few months)

What could we improve?Edit

  • Hardware
    • Still waiting for decisions
    • Lack of visibility
    • Currently blocked on finance for resolution of strategic budget
    • Possibly would help to explain (again) that other teams are interested (it's already in the plan)
  • UI dev on a more permanent assignment to our team
    • Full time person would be ideal
    • Tons of work in graphs (e.g. internationalization, click-to-navigate)
    • Tons of work in maps (e.g. zooming/scrolling, multiple layers, push-pins)

What else should be noted?Edit

  • UI help was requested for a long time; now filled by Julien (on a potentially temporary basis)
  • Guillaume hasn't really been involved with maps yet

Action ItemsEdit

  • Tomasz will schedule a long-term maps meeting
  • Chris will follow up with Yuri about a blog post regarding graphing pageviews (Victor Grigas wants to do a video)
  • Yuri will check with Volker/Julien; will report back (esp. to Tomasz)
  • Yuri will write up 2 goal scenarios